Why You Should Install Desks in Resident Rooms

The environment inside correctional facilities and detention centers is unlike any other, and the isolation felt inside can often lead inmates to feeling bored or frustrated, which may contribute to unwanted behaviours.  

Providing a positive outlet, however, can help alleviate boredom and even enhance engagement which may lead to a more positive environment overall. Simply choosing the right pieces of anti-ligature furniture for your resident rooms can put your facility on track to becoming a more supportive environment.

Particularly, the installation of desks in cells can have far reaching positive effects, not only for the inmates, but throughout the whole facility.

Why install desks in Resident Rooms

Promotes Learning

Installing anti-ligature desks in cells gives inmates a place to study on their own, promoting education and positive personal development. Some studies have shown inmates who actively pursue higher education while in prison are less likely to re-offend, as they have gained new skills and a better education allowing, for a better life outside of prison.

The installation of a desk in a prison cell allows inmates the opportunity to continuously work towards a better future by providing them with a space to pursue their studies.

Alleviates Boredom

An anti-ligature desk gives inmates a place to store their personal belongings and pursue their interests, or hobbies such as reading, writing, drawing, and studying. This encourages the positive use of leisure time and alleviates boredom; keeping inmates engaged and focused on the task in front of them, rather than engaging in potentially harmful behaviors.

The installation of an anti-ligature desk in their cell allows inmates to spend their down time in an engaging and uplifting way.

Provides Positive Distraction

Away from the routine of regular life in an isolated environment, it can be easy to give into thoughts of failure or ruminate on the past. Providing inmates with an anti-ligature desk in their cell provides a positive distraction, creating the opportunity to escape their lives by studying or pursuing a hobby.

The positive distraction facilitated by the installation of an anti-ligature desk allows inmates to focus on something outside of their own lives, providing an positive escape from their own life.

The simple installation of an anti-ligature desk can go a long way in making a positive difference in your facility, from inmate behaviour to the facility atmosphere! Of course, when working with vulnerable populations safety is always a top concern, especially for resident room furniture. That’s why each piece of Max-Secure’s institutional furniture is completely anti-ligature!

Our corner and wall mounted desks feature smooth, rounded corners, the absence of moving parts and are securely mounted to the wall, with a pick-proof perimeter, to ensure resident safety at all times.

Beyond institutional desks and stools, Max-Secure offers a full range of anti-ligature resident room furniture, as well as dining and day-room furniture, to ensure each area of your facility is comfortably furnished with the safest, most durable institutional furniture available!