Why is Anti-Ligature Furniture Crucial to a Safe Facility?

Furnishing a behavioral healthcare or correctional facility is a task unlike any other. With a variety of unique and specific needs to take into consideration, finding the right pieces can be a challenge. The selection of furniture for your facility, however, cannot be glazed over or pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. The institutional furniture you chose can have wide-reaching effects on the whole facility, so making the right choice is crucial.

As the safest option available, anti-ligature furniture is proven to be the best choice for demanding, and sometimes challenging, environments like behavioral healthcare or correctional facilities.  Choosing anti-ligature furniture for your facility creates a safer environment for residents, staff, and visitors alike.

Anti-Ligature furniture crucial to a safe facility

Prioritizing Safety

First and foremost, when dealing with vulnerable populations, safety should be the number one priority in every decision made.

The design of anti-ligature furniture puts safety first and eliminates all opportunities to cause harm to oneself or others. Without any point where rope, wires, bedsheets, or other materials can be tied down, anti-ligature furniture puts the safety of residents first. In areas which tend to have less staff supervision, such as resident rooms, anti-ligature furniture is especially important.

In behavioral healthcare and correctional facility settings, safety cannot be understated, and choosing anti-ligature is choosing safety.

Promotes a Rehabilitative Atmosphere

Our surroundings can play a large role in how we think, feel and act, and so promoting a safe and calming environment can go a long way in creating a safer facility.

Anti-ligature furniture boasts rounded corners and softer design features. The harsh look and feel of traditional institutional furniture may leave residents feeling stressed or agitated, in an already stressful environment! The safe and welcoming design features of anti-ligature furniture can help residents feel more at ease, promoting a better night’s sleep and positive interactions, something not only residents will benefit from, but the whole facility.

Putting resident safety first doesn’t mean eliminating comfort! Anti-ligature furniture can promote a calm and rehabilitative atmosphere.

Eliminates the Concealment of Contraband

The concealment of contraband can put residents, staff, and visitors of a facility in danger.

Fortunately, anti-ligature furniture eliminates the possibility of concealing dangerous materials. Constructed as one continuous piece of durable, FRP composite materials, anti-ligature furniture is indestructible. Installed with a pick-proof perimeter, the concealment of contraband is impossible. There are no openings or any ways to create openings for dangerous materials to be stashed away.

Anti-ligature furniture removes the worry of concealed contraband, creating a safer facility for all.

Reduces Stress

Providing residents with the higher level of comfort provided by anti-ligature furniture helps them feel more at ease in what could be a stressful environment.

The benefits of anti-ligature furniture go beyond reducing resident stress, however. Unlike traditional institutional furniture, anti-ligature furniture gives staff members peace of mind knowing residents cannot use their surroundings to cause harm and are being kept safe. Additionally, plastic molded anti-ligature furniture requires very little to no maintenance, giving staff more time to tend to residents, instead of cleaning.

Reduce everyone’s stresses, with the installation of anti-ligature furniture.

Although seemingly unimportant, the furniture you chose for your facility can have a big impact, and choosing anti-ligature furniture is crucial to fostering a safer facility.

Max-Secure® offers a full range of anti-ligature furniture for every room in your facility, to prioritize safety, without sacrificing comfort. Our dedicated engineering team has carefully designed long-lasting, completely safe and maintenance free furniture, to enhance the look and safety of any facility. Our advanced Herculite polymer materials and expert manufacturing process results in furniture that is built to last!