What to Consider When Choosing Institutional Furniture

Although no two facilities are alike, behavioral healthcare and correctional facilities face many of the same challenges when it comes to furnishings. Because of the intensive use of furniture in these sometimes-challenging environments, making the right choice is imperative to resident’s safety and comfort.

From serving a specific role to adding to the overall look and feel of your facility, institutional furniture plays a large role in your facility, and considering the following will help you find the right furnishings for every room.

Why to consider Max-secure when choosing for Institutional Furniture


Because of the intensive, everyday use institutional furniture endures, durability is imperative. Not only will durable furniture withstand the wears and tears of intensive, everyday use, but will eliminate maintenance and replacement costs.

Institutional furniture should be able to withstand daily use, harsh cleaning products and remain unstained by spilt liquids or foods. This practicality is ideal for institutional furniture.


Resident safety inside behavioral healthcare and correctional facilities is paramount, and each aspect of the institution and should safety first. Institutional furniture is no different! Anti-ligature furniture, which by design cannot be used to harm oneself or others, is the ideal choice for institutional furniture. Sourcing furniture with safety features such as rounded corners, no exposed fasteners and ballasting makes for a safer environment for everyone, which is especially important in areas with less supervision, such as resident rooms.

The institutional furniture you chose for your facility should not allow for manipulation, which can allow for the concealment of contraband or even potentially be used as a weapon.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Because of the intensive use and high turnover rates in facilities, it is important that institutional furniture remains easy to clean and requires little to no maintenance. For facilities that require frequent sanitization or cleaning with harsh chemicals, the furniture should remain unaffected by these cleaning products. Hard, plastic furniture is easier to clean and maintain, opposed to cushioned furniture or even traditional steel institutional furniture.

Easy to clean surfaces, which do not require frequent maintenance are the best choice for institutional furniture.


Smaller institutions may require anti-ligature furniture that can play multiple roles, such as dining furniture that can be used in visiting or waiting rooms. Consider how the rooms in your facility will serve residents and staff, and find institutional furniture pieces that meet every need.


The institutional furniture you chose for your facility adds to the overall look and feel, and can make a positive or negative impact. Where traditional institutional furniture can make the environment feel harsher or even isolated, modular furniture provides a softer aesthetic which can contribute to a more calming environment, benefiting the facility throughout.

The addition of nature inspired colors can also positively affect the mood and behaviors of residents, providing a more rehabilitative atmosphere.

Many facilities face the same challenges when it comes to finding the right furnishings. Prioritizing resident safety, without sacrificing comfort is key!

For more than 40 years Max-Secure has been providing institutional furniture that is extremely durable, comfortable and totally safe. From resident room furniture to dining and day room furniture, our full line of anti-ligature furniture ensures comfortable furnishings for every room in your facility.