What to Consider when Choosing Institutional Furniture

It may seem like a simple feature, or a last minute decision, but choosing the right institutional furniture can have a big impact on your facility! From resident safety to putting money back in the budget, taking your time to choose the right pieces can make a big impact!

Starting with these simple pointers, you can be sure you are choosing the right pieces of anti-ligature furniture for your facility.

Safety Features

Because the populations housed in behavioral healthcare or correctional facilities are more vulnerable, safety should be the number one priority in all areas of the facility, including the furnishings and fixtures. 

Anti-ligature furniture eliminates all areas where rope, cord or other materials could be tied down and used to cause harm to oneself or others, and removes any moving parts and exposed fasteners, which could potentially be used dangerously. Ensuring the institutional furniture you are considering has these important safety features is critical to the safety and well-being of residents and staff members.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Choosing the right institutional furniture can end up saving you money in the long run. Cleaning and maintaining traditional institutional furniture can be timely and costly. Opting for plastic-molded, maintenance-free jail furniture can help to drastically reduce costs. 

Anti-ligature furniture made from a durable FRP composite material is easy to clean, requiring a quick wipedown with soapy water between resident uses. Additionally, this durable material is nearly impossible to break down, and without any moving parts the need for maintenance and replacement is practically non-existent.


Institutional furniture in correctional and behavioral healthcare facilities is subject to intensive, everyday use, in a challenging environment. FRP composite materials are much stronger than their traditional metal counterparts, making this unique material the ideal choice for anti-ligature furniture. The increased durability not only cuts back on maintenance and replacement costs, but helps to keep staff and residents safe. 

Durable furniture is reliable furniture! Opting for the most durable choice in anti-ligature furniture will serve your facility well for years to come.

Installation Type

How the institutional furniture you chose will be installed is another important consideration! Durable, long-lasting anti-ligature furniture can only serve your facility for as long as it remains safely installed.

If the furnishings are to be anchored to the wall or the floor, use a pick-proof caulking around the perimeter to prevent the concealment of dangerous contraband. If the furniture won’t be anchored, consider how unauthorized or dangerous movement can be avoided. For example, table stands and chairs can be ballasted, and groups of chairs could be ganged together.

Finding the right pieces of institutional furniture for your facility will take some thoughtful consideration, but starting with these pointers will help get you on the right path to safely furnishing any facility. Max-Secure® is dedicated to providing facilities all over the world with maintenance-free, durable, anti-ligature furniture. Our wide range of products ensures every room in your facility can be safely furnished, and the array of available color options ensures the perfect fit for any space.