What is Anti Ligature Furniture ?

Why Anti Ligature Furniture is safe

Each day, in our everyday lives, we are surrounded by many potential dangerous items, which we may not even consider!

The environment in a mental health facility, or correctional facility, can often feel isolated and confined, leaving residents in a fragile state. In these environments, everyday items, even something like bed sheets, could be seen as a mean of harms, either to one’s self or to others.

That is what makes anti ligature furniture in correctional facilities, psychiatric facilities and behavioral health facilities critical. Anti ligature furniture is defined as a piece of furniture which eliminates any possibility of attaching wires or cords to the furniture, preventing the possibility of causing harm. Ligature resistant furniture does not contain any points where cords, ropes, or even bed sheets can be attached.

What Makes up a Piece of Anti Ligature Furniture?

Whether it’s a piece of resident room furniture, like a lower bed, or dining room furniture such as a dining table, anti ligature furniture must have absolutely no areas where any object can be tied to.

All pieces of detention furniture should contain a pick-proof perimeter sealant, to form an impenetrable barrier. This makes the concealment of contraband impossible, so residents will be unable to hide any potentially dangerous items. Further, anti ligature furniture must be incredibly durable, preventing any breakage and withstand the wear and tear of demanding environments and continuous use in any institutional environment.  

A well-built piece of anti-ligature furniture should give you peace of mind, knowing your residents can remain comfortable and safe!

Why is Anti Ligature Furniture so Important?

It is important to understand that ligature resistant furniture should not be taken lightly. While inmate and patient bedroom furniture may seem like something insignificant when compared to other obstacles, it is in fact one of the most crucial parts in ensuring a safe and healthy environment. There are many challenges when designing behavioral health and correctional facilities because they must have an atmosphere that is aesthetically pleasing and welcoming, in order to support the healing process, and keep vulnerable residents safe and well. Research by professionals has proved by removing access to any method where self-harm can occur is effective in its prevention. Suicide is one of the most common causes of death in the US, and as such the correctional industry has renewed its focus on designing facilities to avoid ligature risks.

It is our job at Max-Secure to ensure that every piece of detention furniture we product is ligature resistant and holds up to our extremely high-quality standards. We designed our pieces of ligature resistant furniture with safety and comfort in mind, and it shows. Max-Secure’s research and development team has decades of experience solving issues specific to the corrections and institutional furniture industries. This wealth of experience allows our team to design industry-leading products that are both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing for your space. Not only are our products safe, comfortable, and high quality, but they also are available in multiple colors and styles in order to create a comfortable and soothing environment for behavioral health and correctional facilities.

Max-Secure offers multiple styles of anti-ligature psychiatric beds in order to fit your facility’s needs. All of our detention furniture pieces are designed to prevent injury to self or others and contain a pick-proof perimeter. If you are looking to increase floor space in a room with two residents, consider our Endura Series Bunk Bed. Another plus with our ligature resistant bunk beds is that residents and inmates will be unable to harm themselves or others when housed with these anti-ligature psychiatric beds, because security and safety are at the forefront of these beds’ design.

Overall, Max-Secure is committed to create ligature resistant furniture that will continue to withstand the challenges of institutional environments, and help create a serene environment. Our industry-leading behavioral health furniture is the result of years of field research in institutional environments like your facility’s, coupled with extensive consultations from justice architects, maintenance staff, jail administrators, as well as other healthcare and corrections practitioners. Every one of Max Secure’s products is made for every day, intensive use, and is designed to make your facility’s spaces feel more like living areas – putting your staff and residents at ease.