How Choosing the Right Detention Furniture Manufacturer Improves Your Facility

Ensuring everything in your facility is running smoothly on a daily basis can seem like a never-ending task. With a variety of roles and responsibilities coming together it can become difficult to ensure every aspect of your facility is receiving the time and attention it needs, and tasks like sourcing the right detention furniture often fall to the bottom of the list. Choosing the right institutional furniture, however, can noticeably affect the overall atmosphere of your facility as well as the residents, visitors and staff.

Choosing the right detention furniture manufacturer takes one less worry away from your to-do list, and gives you time to focus on other areas of your facility. Rely on the right detention furniture manufacturer to improve your facility!

Max-Secure manufacturer can improve your facility

Enhancing Safety

Institutional furniture from a trusted detention furniture manufacturer, like Max-Secure® Security Systems, instantly enhances the safety of your facility.

Expertly manufactured anti-ligature furniture, molded from durable FRP composites in one piece with rounded corners, ensures residents cannot use the furniture to cause harm to oneself or others. Max-Secure® institutional furniture further enhances facility safety with non-exposed fasteners and installed with a pick proof sealant around the perimeter, making the concealment of contraband impossible.

Safety is a top priority in all areas of your facility, but especially in resident rooms as there is typically less staff supervision in those areas. Choosing the right detention furniture manufacturer gives you peace of mind knowing resident and staff safety is always put first.

Maintenance Free

As a trusted detention furniture manufacturer, Max-Secure® provides your facility with completely maintenance free institutional furniture. Not only is our furniture easy to clean, but the extremely durable material does not breakdown, even under intensive, everyday use in challenging environments.

Without the worry of broken-down furniture, which can be used maliciously, fading colors or timely cleaning and frequent replacement, you can put your resources into other areas of your facility.

Industry Leading Comprehensive Warranty

Carry out the daily tasks of your facility without worry, knowing if something goes wrong your detention furniture manufacturer as you covered!

Max-Secure® offers an unprecedented 10-year warranty on the integrity of our products, and all installations performed by our factory certified installers are also covered under a 10-year warranty. Max-Secure® institutional furniture has been installed in facilities around the world for over 40 years, with a zero-failure record.

Eliminate your worries, and choose a detention furniture manufacturer you can trust, knowing your institutional furniture needs are in good hands!

Dedicated Customer Service

Institutional furniture is our speciality! For decades Max-Secure® has been fostering strong working relationships with industry experts such as justice architects, maintenance staff and jail administrators to come up with a solution that puts safety first, without sacrificing comfort.

Our dedication to creating a safe facility is shown through our extensive knowledge, customized engineering solutions and continuous innovation. With Max-Secure® you can be sure you chose the right detention furniture manufacturer!

With a full range of anti-ligature furniture, Max-Secure® has safe, comfortable and reliable furnishings for every room in your facility! Foster positive resident interactions with a comfortable common area, including arm chairs and games tables. Ensure resident safety is put first with our expertly designed resident room furniture, including beds, desks, and even storage shelves.

With a reputation you can trust, Max-Secure® is proud to offer industry leading institutional furniture for correctional and behavioral health facilities around the world!