The Must-Haves for a Safe Resident Room

Resident focused facilities, such as correctional and behavioral healthcare facilities may often present a challenging, or demanding environment, requiring stringent safety guidelines. As residents of such facilities may be experiencing higher stress or anxiety levels, along with a myriad of other heightened emotions, promoting resident safety in every aspect of the facility is a must.

Although an effective safety measure, 1:1 monitoring isn’t always possible, especially in more private areas, such as resident rooms, making the implementation safety precautions in these areas vital.

Providing these must-haves in every resident room will not only make resident rooms safer but will help in creating a safer, more rehabilitative facility as a whole.

Anti-Ligature Furniture

By design, anti-ligature furniture removes any points on a piece of furniture where ropes, wires, bedsheets, or other materials could be tied down to cause harm to ones’ self or others. Additionally, anti-ligature furniture removes any fixture or moving parts that could potentially be used dangerously. Providing anti-ligature furniture in areas of the facility with less staff supervision is crucial to resident safety.

In addition to furnishing resident rooms with anti-ligature furniture, other fixtures such as door knobs, coat hooks, and even lighting fixtures can all be replaced with ligature-resistant alternatives.

Avoid Contraband

Along with removing ligature risks, the furnishings and finishings in resident rooms should be carefully chosen to remove the possibility of concealing contraband. Installing one-piece furniture items, which cannot be broken down or manipulated will help to reduce the risk of concealed contraband in resident rooms.

Additionally, anti-ligature furniture installed with a pick-proof caulking around the perimeter will further prevent against the concealment of any potentially dangerous contraband.

Durability and Longevity

In what could be a demanding and challenging environment, it is imperative that the institutional furniture, and other ligature-resistant fixtures, in resident rooms are built to withstand continuous use. Where traditional institutional furniture may breakdown over time, leading to potentially dangerous misuse, anti-ligature furniture can provide years of safety.

Choosing durable anti-ligature furniture not only adds higher levels of safety to your facility, but can provide a higher return on investment, ensuring the resident rooms in your facility stay safe for much longer.

Reducing Stress Levels

Reducing resident stress levels can have positive effects on many aspects of the facility, and stress reduction can start right in resident rooms! By providing anti-ligature desks, residents are encouraged to work on self-improvement by reading, writing, or studying. Additionally, we can all agree on the benefits of a good night’s sleep and opting for an anti-ligature bed can help support just that! With a softer look and feel than traditional institutional furniture, anti-ligature beds are more inviting and can help reduce stress levels.

Removing any item that could be used to cause harm to oneself or others from resident rooms is just the start! By providing long-lasting, durable anti-ligature furniture the resident rooms in your facility can become a much safer space and foster a more calming environment.

Max-Secure® is dedicated to creating anti-ligature furniture that is safe, comfortable, and extremely durable, all without the need for constant maintenance. Upgrade your facility today, with these must-haves for resident rooms!