The Benefits of an Anti-Ligature Bunk Bed

For more than 40 years Max-Secure® has been developing industry-leading anti-ligature furniture for every room in your facility. We know behavioral healthcare and correctional facilities demand safe, practical, and durable furniture, which is why we work to create furniture that out lasts even the most intensive use from demanding, and challenging environments.

Unlike any other institutional furniture supplier, Max-Secure® offers a true anti-ligature double bunk system, to meet the needs of your facility, without sacrificing safety.

Impressive Safety Features

Unlike any other bunk bed system on the market, Max-Secure® offers a truly anti-ligature system. Comprised of a lower bed, upper bed, and support ladder, each piece of this system is designed to be completely ligature resistant. Additionally, this piece of our institutional furniture is made with our proprietary HerculiteTM material, resulting in industry-leading durability.

The design and manufacturing of Max-Secure®’s double bunk system ensures residents cannot use this piece of institutional furniture to cause harm to themselves, or others, by removing all moving parts, exposed fasteners, and of course any ligatures points. These small details that may be easily overlooked are especially important in resident rooms where staff supervision may be sparser than in comparison to the common areas of a facility.

Space Saving

In facilities with a growing population, overcrowding can become a major concern, from a decrease in floor space to limited personal space and privacy between residents. Max-Secure®’s anti-ligature double bunk system works to address both of these concerns! The anti-ligature bunk bed frees up more space in resident rooms, while still accommodating a larger population, without having to sacrifice personal space between residents.

Providing each resident with their own bed that feels more separate from their roommates can go a long way in making them more comfortable, which helps to create an increased sense of calm and comfort, aiding in a more rehabilitative atmosphere throughout the facility.

Turn-key Installation Services

To best complement our industry-leading anti-ligature double bunk, Max-Secure® can provide turn-key installation services, ensuring the resident rooms in your facility not only have the best institutional furniture available, but every step has been taken to prioritize resident safety! Our installation services give you peace of mind knowing your institutional furniture has been installed safely, and professionally, in accordance with industry best practices, all while helping to cut down your to-do list!

Max-Secure®’s  installation methods call for a pick-proof caulking around the entire perimeter of our double bunk systems to further enhance resident and staff safety by preventing the concealment of dangerous contraband.

Facilities of all sizes and populations can benefit from the installation of the only true anti-ligature double bunk system, by Max-Secure®! The benefits of this piece of institutional furniture can positively affect residents, staff, and the overall atmosphere of your facility. Available in an array of colors to best suit your facility, our double bunk system can provide exceptional safety features, without the harsh look and feel of traditional institutional furniture!

Upgrade to the completely maintenance-free, industry leading anti-ligature double bunk system today, and contact Max-Secure® for a complimentary quote!