Why Suicide Resistant Furniture is Key to Safe Facility

Caring for vulnerable populations, such as folks staying in behavioral healthcare or correctional facilities requires extra care and attention to even the smallest details. Even the furnishings you chose for your facility can have an impact on the overall atmosphere and resident well-being, so opting for the best in safety features is critical!

Deciding to install suicide resistant furniture in your facility is not only vital for resident safety, but will provide a myriad of key benefits to ensure a facility that puts resident safety first and enhances rehabilitation. 

Suicide resistant furniture is key to safe facility

Resident Safety

In facilities such as behavioral healthcare and corrections, the safety of residents should be the first and foremost concern. In these institutions, residents may be more likely to use their surroundings with the intent to harm.

Without any points where rope, wire, bedsheets or other materials can be tied down, suicide resistant furniture prevents residents from using their surroundings to harm themselves, or even others. This is especially key in areas where residents may feel more isolated or areas with less staff presence, such as resident rooms.

Prevents Contraband

Concealing dangerous contraband can put residents, staff, and even visitors at risk. By design, suicide resistant furniture does not allow for the concealment of dangerous material. Often constructed as one continuous piece of durable, FRP composite materials, anti-ligature furniture is indestructible, making the concealment of dangerous materials impossible.

Peace of Mind

The peace of mind given from using suicide resistant furniture can be felt throughout an entire facility, and even stretch beyond the walls of the facility.

Knowing that residents are unable to harm themselves, or others, using their surroundings allows staff members the time and energy to focus on other job duties such as leading therapy sessions, connecting with residents individually and more. Additionally, family members and friends can have peace of mind knowing their loved ones are being looked after in a safe environment that is tailored to their needs.

Calming Environment

Choosing suicide resistant furniture for your facility means residents will be far less likely to be exposed to any trauma that comes from self-harm, or roommates and fellow residents harming themselves. Additionally, the higher level of comfort provided by suicide resistant furniture, compared to traditional institutional furniture, allows residents to feel more at ease, in what can be stressful environment.

The increased safety and sense of calm provided by suicide resistant furniture helps to contribute to a more rehabilitative facility.

The furnishings chosen for a facility can have a large impact on not only resident safety but the overall atmosphere of the facility. That’s why giving extra attention to even the smallest details, like choosing suicide resistant furniture, can make all the difference!

Max-Secure® offers a full range of suicide resistant furniture for every room in your facility, to prioritize safety, without sacrificing comfort. Our dedicated engineering team has carefully designed long-lasting, completely safe and maintenance free furniture, to enhance the look and safety of any facility. Our advanced Herculite polymer materials and expert manufacturing process results in furniture that is built to last!