Round Stool

Max Secure’s Endura Series Round Stool is the ideal institutional furniture product for facilities looking to provide safe, secure, and comfortable seating for their residents’ rooms. Our jail stools are designed with industry-leading safety, durability, and prolonged performance in challenging institutional environments in mind. Consequently, Max Secure’s round prison stool is especially suited for jails, prisons, juvenile detention centers, and psychiatric facilities. Our company achieves our high-performance levels by using Max Secure’s advanced proprietary Herculite polymer, our fantastic material that exceeds all national and state impact load tests, fire codes, and regulations. Thanks to the great comfort our jail stools provide, your facility’s residents will appreciate their new seating options, which will allow them to comfortably do work and relax in the confines of their own rooms while maintaining the safety and security of your facility.

Max Secure’s research and development team has been solving issues specific to the institutional and corrections furniture industry for over 40 years. Our company has leveraged this experience to design industry-leading institutional products with clear aesthetic appeal and top-level functionality that are flawlessly designed for the rigors of any institutional environment.

Corner Wall Mounted Desk installed in Jail Cell
EN 6000-11 (Mounted Desk sold separately)

Features & Specifications

Model:  EN 6000–11

All Endura series products are constructed from our proprietary structural polymer composite. This proven material has been formulated to be maintenance-free, impact resistant, and will not produce toxic fumes.

  • Unprecedented 10-year warranty
  • Maintenance-free one-piece construction
  • Designed to prevent injury to self or others
  • Meets all national and state fire codes
  • Herculite Polymer Composite will not produce toxic fumes
  • Pick-proof perimeter sealant forms an impenetrable barrier
  • No exposed fasteners
  • No space for concealment
  • Smooth finish prevents bed bug infestations
  • Can be wall-mounted, cornermounted or free standing
  • Factory-trained installers provide 10-year installation warranty
  • Made in USA
  • 10 KG / 22 Lbs 

Available Colors

Desert Sand
Steel Blue

Note: Due to supply chain issues some colors may not be in stock. Please call for a more accurate inventory details.

Product Dimensions

Round Stool Dimensions (EN 6000–11)

Prison Stools with Industry-Leading Safety and Durability

Max Secure runs every jail stool we produce through a gauntlet of meticulous compliance tests to ensure every product features our industry-leading quality. These include the ASTM D628 for tensile modulus, the ASTM D638 for tensile strength, the ASTM D4821 for unnotched impact, the ASTM D790 for flexural modulus and flexural strength, the ASTM D256 for notched izod, and the ASTM D2583 for barcol hardness. Our prison stools are also designed to exceed every national and state flammability compliance test, including the California No. 133 Flammability Test Procedure for Seating Furniture, the UL94 Standard for Safety of Flammability of Plastic Materials.

Performance Testing:

  • ASTM D2583 for barcol hardness
  • ASTM D4821 for unnotched impact
  • ASTM D256 for notched izod
  • ASTM D790 for flexural strength
  • ASTM D790 for flexural modulus
  • ASTM D628 for tensile modulus
  • ASTM D638 for tensile strength

Flammability Compliance Testing:

  • California No. 133 Flammability Test Procedure for Seating Furniture
  • UL94 Standard for Safety of Flammability of Plastic Materials

Manufactured using Max Secure’s advanced proprietary Herculite polymer, our prison stool is resistant to scratching or any carving of its surface. Your facility’s residents will not be able to modify our jail stools in any way, as every inch is coated with a pickproof perimeter sealant to form a complete liquid barrier around every stool’s exterior. Your staff will always be able to safely easily conduct their inspections of your residents’ rooms, as the completely smooth finish of Max Secure’s jail stools ensures there is no space available for residents to conceal contraband. Our jail stools will also never endanger your staff and residents’ lives, as our stools are designed with rounded corners in order to prevent injury and are installed with a structural adhesive mounting system that will keep every psychiatric stool securely in their place of installation. Our installation team can easily install Max Secure’s prison stools anywhere you deem fit for your facility, and our mounting system leaves no fasteners exposed.

Zero Failure Jail Stools

Thanks to our specialized installation team, facilities buying will never have to worry about installing our industry-leading institutional products. Our team is factory-trained and has been installing Max Secure furniture into correctional and psychiatric facilities for over 40 years, and have maintained a sterling zero-failure record throughout. Our installers offer a 10-year installation warranty on top of their abundance of experience, so you know you are in the best hands possible for a decade after the installation. Max Secure also offers the longest and most comprehensive warranty in the correctional furniture industry, 10-years, on the virtue of our products. We trust our products and the difference they will make for your facility.

Our Prison Stools are Maintenance Free

Max Secure uses our advanced proprietary Herculite polymer to manufacture our institutional stools, so that your facility’s staff won’t have to perform any additional maintenance work in high security areas. Our maintenance free feature ensures your staff’s safety and reduces your facility’s maintenance costs. Our fantastic proprietary polymer does not produce any toxic fumes as well, allowing your staff and residents to work and live in a safe and clean environment. We also designed to our jail stools with a monolithic structure, so that your staff can easily wipe down and clean your facility’s stools.

Applications for Our Prison Stools

Juvenile detention centers, jails, prisons, and psychiatric centers will all benefit from the installation of Max Secure’s prison stools. Our institutional furniture is designed with your correctional facility in mind, and that mindset is the reason we lead the institutional furniture industry in terms of safety, durability, and performance. Your residents need comfortable seating options, and our jail stools provide that and more without sacrificing the security of your facility.

Your residents will be able to use Max Secure’s jail stools to relax, read books while sitting on, and use in conjunction with Max Secure’s Endura Series Wall Mounted Desk to write and accomplish daily tasks. Reading is often an incredibly important part of a correctional facility resident’s life, as it allows them a brief mental escape from their confines. According to research conducted by Critical Survey, there is hard evidence that proves reading can dramatically improve the lives of inmates. One vital benefit this research unearthed is that providing inmates with books to read helped alleviate feelings of depression. Author Josie Billington writes, “A rich, varied, non-prescriptive diet of serious literature … proved especially important in encouraging participants to engage in discussion and address their depression directly. Installing a Max Secure prison stool in your residents’ rooms will afford them a comfortable place to read within the confines of their own space – promoting an increase in their reading habits – especially when used in conjunction with our Wall Mounted Desk.

The Nordic countries have been prioritizing mental health, progress, and rehabilitation over punishment for years now, and this substantial policy change has helped their penal institutions lower reincarceration rates and may have contributed to a decrease in inmate violence.

Working to improve the mental and overall health of your facility’s residents is a humanizing step to take that will allow them a better chance at rehabilitation and a better life, and our team at Max Secure wants to help your facility take that next step.

Our jail stools are available to order in 5 standard product colors: Ash (Grey), Bisque (Beige), Russet (Brown), Forest (Green), and Steel Blue (Blue). Max Secure’s colors will provide a calm and serenity to your facility’s environment that will put your staff’s and residents’ minds at ease.

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Our company has been proudly providing industry-leading institutional furniture to correctional and psychiatric facilities for over 40 years. Max Secure products are designed to lead the industry in terms of quality and safety and are manufactured with the rigors of correctional environments in mind. As a world leader in providing safe, securable, and durable anti-ligature furniture, we guarantee complete customer satisfaction.