Resident Room Furniture

Lower Bed

The lower level of the two bed bunk set

Lower Bed with Storage

Similar to our lower bed with the additional feature of storage

Upper Bed

Our lower bed operates as the base for our bunk bed

Upper Bed Support Ladder

The upper ladder connects from the lower bed to the upper

Multi Point Restraint Bed

Similar to the free standing bed with additional restraint option

8 Point Restraint Bed

The free standing option allows for flexibility of bed placement

Two Shelf Locker

Two shelf locker offers the features that institutions need

Four Shelf Locker

Locker providing extra storage with 4 shelfs

Corner/Wall Mounted Desk

Ideal desk for juvenile detention centers and other institutions

Round Stool

Safe and sturdy seating for our wall mounted desk

Estilo Nightstand

Safe, securable and sleek nightstand

Endura Series Mattress

Tested flame resistant vinyl. Fits all our Endura Series Beds