Estilo Armless Chair

Max Secure’s Estilo Series Armless Chair is the ideal addition to correctional and psychiatric facilities looking to provide industry-leading seating options to their residents. Our jail chairs are designed to feature the ultimate in comfort, durability, safety, and performance and are proven to live up to these standards in challenging institutional environments. These features are thanks to the use of Max Secure’s proprietary advanced polymer composition, which has been formulated to be impact resistant, toxic free, and maintenance free. Your residents will appreciate our jail chair’s comfortable seating and will stand to benefit from the extra time comfortably spent in your facility’s day rooms. Of course, your facility’s safety and security are our primary concern, and this jail chair ensures those needs are exceeded.

For 40 years, Max Secure’s research and development team has been resolving issues specific to the corrections and institutional furniture industry. With this wealth of experience under their belts, our R&D team is able to consistently design industry-leading institutional furniture that features top-level performance and stunning aesthetic appeal.

Juvenile Justice Estilo Armless Chair
ES 4000-3

Features & Specifications

Model:  ES 4000-3

All Estilo Series products are constructed from our proprietary advanced polymer composition. This proven material has been formulated to be maintenance-free, impact resistant, and will not produce toxic fumes.

  • Five-year limited replacement warranty
  • Maintenance-free monolithic construction
  • Designed to prevent injury to self or others
  • Meets all national and state fire codes
  • Advanced Polymer composition will not produce toxic fumes
  • No exposed fasteners
  • No space for concealment
  • Can be ballasted to prevent lifting or throwing
  • 8 KG / 18 Lbs.

Available Colors

Onyx Black
Pewter Grey

Note: Due to supply chain issues some colors may not be in stock. Please call for a more accurate inventory details.

Product Dimensions

Estilo Armless Chair Dimensions (ES 4000-3)

Prison Chairs with Industry-Leading Safety and Durability

Max Secure subjects every psychiatric chair we produce to an array of rigorous flammability compliance tests, including the UL94 Standard for Safety of Flammability of Plastic Materials and the California No. 133 Flammability Test Procedure for Seating Furniture. Each chair also has to pass a range of performance compliance tests, including: the Chemically Resistant to Various Chemical Reagents test, a test to ensure all 18 pounds of the jail chair are UV Stabilized, and the ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 2017 General Purpose Office Chairs Compliance for Static and Dynamic Load.

Flammability Compliance Testing:

  • UL94 Standard for Safety of Flammability of Plastic Materials
  • California No. 133 Flammability Test Procedure for Seating Furniture

Performance Testing:

  • Chemically Resistant to Various Chemical Reagents
  • ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 2017 General Purpose Office Chairs Compliance for Static and Dynamic Load
  • UV Stabilized

Our jail chairs are manufactured using Max Secure’s proprietary advanced polymer composition, and our unique installation leaves no exposed fasteners in your facility. Our chairs are also very easy for your staff to inspect, as the smooth finish that encompasses the psychiatric chairs leaves no space for concealing contraband of any kind. The design of our prison chairs features rounded corners – preventing any injury attempts and ensuring the safety of your staff. Our jail chair can also be ballasted with 80lbs of sand in order to prevent residents from picking up and throwing it. As you can see, safety is our top concern throughout the design process.

Zero-Failure Installation Record

Max Secure’s specialized installation team has been successfully installing our outstanding furniture into psychiatric and correctional facilities for over 40 years and have maintained our incredible zero-failure record throughout. When you buy from Max Secure, you leave behind the worrying about installing our products. We also offer a five-year limited replacement warranty on the integrity of our products, so our clients know they’re in the best hands possible in case an issue arises.

Maintenance Free Jail Chairs

Max Secure uses our proprietary advanced polymer composition to manufacture our jail chairs, as this material allows us to design furniture perfect for correctional and psychiatric facilities. Our psychiatric chairs being maintenance free is one of our hallmark features. We ensure our furniture is maintenance free so that your facility’s staff will never have to fret about entering high security areas to perform mundane maintenance work – thereby further ensuring their safety. We have also guaranteed that our psychiatric chairs are impact resistant and free of toxic fumes, so your staff and residents will always be able to work and live in a safe and clean environment. The Max Secure team has designed our jail chairs to be extremely easy to clean, as their monolithic construction allows staff and residents to quickly wipe it down. Consequently, our psychiatric chairs will cut down on your maintenance and cleaning costs while also ensuring your staff and residents’ safety.

Applications for Max Secure Psychiatric Chairs

Any jail, prison, juvenile detention center, or psychiatric ward will benefit from the purchase and installation of Max Secure’s safe and impenetrable armless chairs. Our psychiatric chairs are manufactured with your facility in mind and as such lead the correctional furniture industry in terms of comfort, performance, and safety. Your residents will appreciate your investment in their comfort.

With our psychiatric armless chairs installed throughout your facility, your residents will be sure to spend more of their time in communal areas socializing with their fellow residents. There are many benefits to introducing more social interactions to your residents – one of which is improved mental health. The increase in your residents’ communal time will allow them to forge deeper relationships with their fellow residents, something that can prove to be vital in what can often be isolating environments.

According to the United Kingdom’s Mental Health Foundation, “People who are more socially connected to family, friends, or their community are happier, physically healthier and live longer, with fewer mental health problems than people who are less well connected.” The report continues, stating, “As a society and as individuals, we must urgently prioritize investing in building and maintaining good relationships and tackling barriers to forming them. Failing to do so is equivalent to turning a blind eye to the impact of smoking and obesity on our health and well-being.” Installing Max Secure’s psychiatric chairs in your facility’s day and dining rooms will afford your residents the opportunity to forge these meaningful relationships with their fellow residents. The purchase of our chairs will provide comfort and security to your facility that will ensure continued use of your communal areas – a step that may seem insignificant but can have profound and lasting consequences.

The Nordic counties have been leading the world in their goal of humanizing their correctional and psychiatric facilities, and they have reaped major benefits from this substantial policy shift. Since shifting gears from the punishment focus of old and prioritizing their residents’ mental health, rehabilitation, and overall well-being, their institutions have seen significantly lower reincarnation rates. This policy shift may also be responsible for a reduction in inmate violence. Seeing these results, many North American institutions are now taking the necessary steps in learning how to apply these humanizing methods within their own facilities.

Max Secure wants to help your facility take its first, second, third, or even fourth step in the humanizing process, and providing your residents with industry-leading jail chairs is a valuable step to take.

We offer our psychiatric chairs in seven standard colors: Sky (Blue), Rocky Coast (Dark Grey), Mecca (Brown), Platinum (Light Grey), Pearl (White/Cream), Dune (Tan) and Taxi (Yellow). Our colors provide a sensory experience that is much calmer than that of traditional institutions, which works to ease the minds of your staff and residents.

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About Max-Secure

Max Secure has been proudly supplying the correctional and psychiatric industries with our industry-leading institutional furniture for over 40 years. Every one of our products is designed and manufactured to lead the industry in terms of quality, safety, and performance and have been designed with correctional and psychiatric environments in mind. As a world leader in providing safe, securable, and durable anti-ligature furniture, Max Secure guarantees complete customer satisfaction.