8 Point Restraint Bed

The Max-Secure 8 point restraint bed (free standing bed) is an easy to move jail furniture unit. The staff needn’t worry about residents moving or utilizing the unit for negative purposes. In addition, staff can easily affix the restraint furniture to the floor in order to prevent the unit from being moved without their consent. Uniquely, this restraint furniture comes with pick proof caulking at its base which will prevent such action. Not to mention it also allows staff to wash the floor without damaging the product. Furthermore, the free standing bed comes in a variety of colors and is guaranteed to be comfortable and full-proof. With over 25,000 units sold we are confident that the free standing bed will fulfill all of the facilities needs and expectations.

Features & Specifications

Model:  EN 6000 – 12R

All Endura series products are constructed from our proprietary structural polymer composite. This proven material has been formulated to be maintenance-free, impact resistant, and will not produce toxic fumes.

  • Unprecedented 10-year warranty
  • Maintenance-free one-piece construction
  • Designed to prevent injury to self or others
  • Meets all national and state fire codes
  • Herculite Polymer Composite will not produce toxic fumes
  • Pick-proof perimeter sealant forms an impenetrable barrier
  • No exposed fasteners
  • No space for concealment
  • Smooth finish prevents bed bug infestations
  • Can be wall-mounted, cornermounted or free standing
  • Factory-trained installers provide 10-year installation warranty
  • 73.9 KG / 198 Lbs

Available Colors

Desert Sand
Steel Blue

Product Dimensions