Molded Furniture Vs. Steel Furniture: Why Molded Furniture is the Right Choice for your Facility

For many years steel was the popular choice for constructing institutional furniture. The rigid material was thought to be the ideal choice for intensive use in challenging environments. With the increasing popularity of FRP composite molded furniture however, many correctional and behavioural healthcare facilities are starting to make the switch to molded anti-ligature furniture, and for good reason!

Molded Furniture vs Steel Furniture | Max-Secure


Perhaps the most important feature to consider when choosing correctional facility furniture is safety. The traditional steel construction of institutional furniture leaves sharp edges and corners which can be used to cause harm to oneself or others. Additionally, steel institutional furniture has often been known to be used in weapon fabrication within correctional or behavioral healthcare facilities.

As a top priority, safety precautions should be weaved into every aspect of your facility, including the furniture! FRP composite molded furniture eliminates sharp corners and edges, and the monolithic construction of each piece of furniture ensures it cannot be broken down and used dangerously. Further, the one-piece construction eliminates any tie-down points, producing a totally safe piece of anti-ligature furniture.

Durability and Maintenance

Contributing in part to safety is the durability of furniture. A well-made and highly durable piece of furniture will continue to remain safe over a longer period of time.

Steel institutional furniture tends to rust and dent easily, and the paint can chip easily as well. The costs involved in maintaining steel institutional furniture can add up quickly, as expensive welding maintenance and re-painting is typically required.

Molded furniture, however, requires no maintenance and easily cleaned. FRP composites outlast traditional materials, such as steel, and have proven to be much stronger. Not only is molded furniture a far safe option for your facility, but it also proves to be much more cost-effective.

Look and Feel

Our surroundings play a large role in how we feel, think and act. The tough, institutional and rigid look and feel of traditional steel institutional furniture can end up having a negative impact on residents’ mood, making an already stressful environment feel more isolated.

With molded furniture, you have the option of adding a variety of nature inspired colors into your facility, positively impacting the moods of both residents and staff. Additionally, molded furniture provides a softer, more comfortable appearance, helping resident feel more at ease and fostering an environment of rehabilitation.

Where traditional steel institutional furniture is limited in shapes and colors, molded furniture provides the opportunity to create a more normalized environment, positively affecting the mood and behaviors of residents

Although steel institutional furniture has remained the dominate choice for many years, the increasing popularity of molded composite materials has inspired many facilities to take the next step to creating a more humanized and safer environment.

Max-Secure institutional furniture has been providing correctional and behavioral healthcare facilities with durable, molded institutional furniture for decades. Our carefully designed and expertly manufactured anti-ligature furniture puts resident safety first, without sacrificing comfort.

From restraint beds to games tables, Max-Secure offers everything you need to furnish your facility safely, and foster a positive environment.