4 Ways to Increase Your ROI and Choose the Right Institutional Furniture

Sometimes glossed over, the choice of institutional furniture can have reaching effects on your facility, felt by both staff and residents. Experienced administrators will come to know the importance of anti-ligature furniture, and which features of institutional furniture provide long-lasting benefits to any facility.

Increase your return on investment by choosing the right institutional furniture, read on to learn what key elements to consider.

Increase your ROI on right furniture

Maintenance and Durability

An unavoidable cost on most products, maintenance can quickly add up, not to mention take up valuable time that could be allocated elsewhere.

Traditional institutional furniture made from steel can deteriorate under intensive use and requires costly, specialized repairs. As this cost adds up and eats away at your budget, you may end up spending more to maintain the product than what it’s worth.

A durable, long-lasting piece of furniture can significantly reduce or even eliminate maintenance costs completely. Max-Secure®’s full range of anti-ligature furniture is molded as one piece, from a strong FRP composite, which has been proven to be more durable than traditional materials. Not only does our proprietary material lengthen the lifespan of your institutional furniture, but keeps money in your pockets!

Choosing durable, maintenance-free institutional furniture is the first step in increasing your ROI!

Installation and Replacement

A significant cost to consider is that of installation. When sourcing institutional furniture, consider if you have the means to install the furniture yourself or if you will need the detention furniture manufacturer’s assistance. In some cases, the cost of installation can end up costing nearly as much as the product itself.

Additionally, choosing the cheaper option upfront may mean a sacrifice in durability and quality, leading to replacement down the line, essentially meaning you’ll have to repeat the same costs.

Max-Secure® institutional furniture has been installed across North America, with a zero-failure record, and is backed by an industry-leading warranty. Without the need for replacement, you’ll only have to pay for installation once.

Choosing high-quality, durable institutional furniture up-front, is the best and most cost-effective solution for any facility.


Choosing the wrong institutional furniture will eventually lead to the need for replacement. When replacing any furniture in your facility, consider the disposal costs. Disposing of large items, like furniture, can be costly.

Without the need of replacement, Max-Secure®’s durable and maintenance free institutional furniture eliminates all disposal costs, freeing up resources to reinvest in your facility.  

Foster Rehabilitation

The institutional furniture you chose for your facility will have a large impact on not only the look of your facility but the atmosphere and feel of the facility as well. Choosing the right anti-ligature furniture can go a long way in fostering a rehabilitative environment and helping residents feel at ease in what can be a stressful environment.

Max-Secure® furniture offers softer design features, such as rounded corners and nature inspired colors, which help to foster a more peaceful environment in any facility. Additionally, the classic colors our furniture is offered in keeps your facility looking fresh for years to come, instead of trending colors that will look outdated in a year’s time.

Although steel institutional furniture has remained the dominate choice for many years, the increasing popularity of molded composite materials has inspired many facilities to take the next step to creating a more humanized and safer environment.

Max-Secure institutional furniture has been providing correctional and behavioral healthcare facilities with durable, molded institutional furniture for decades. Our carefully designed and expertly manufactured anti-ligature furniture puts resident safety first, without sacrificing comfort.

From restraint beds to games tables, Max-Secure offers everything you need to furnish your facility safely, and foster a positive environment.