How Anti-Ligature Furniture Can Help Improve Your Facility

Furnishing behavioral health and correctional facilities presents an unique challenge and requires a fine attention to detail. Some of the seemingly small details can end up having a large impact on your facility.

Opting for anti-ligature furniture in your facility is not only the safest option, but can create several positive impacts that can be felt throughout the facility by staff and residents alike.

Increase Safety

Anti-ligature furniture is designed to enhance the safety of your facility, in every room, but especially in areas that may have less staff supervision, such as resident rooms. By removing all moving parts, exposed fasteners, and any points where rope, cord or other materials could be tiedown, anti-ligature furniture ensures residents can not cause harm to themselves or others by using the furniture provided.

Additionally, durable, monolithic institutional furniture is much less likely to be broken down and used dangerously and prevents the concealment of dangerous contraband.

Choosing anti-ligature furniture puts resident and staff safety first!

Promote Rehabilitation

Because our surroundings have a significant impact on our moods, choosing the right anti-ligature furniture can go a long way in fostering a positive environment, helping residents to feel at ease in what can be a stressful environment.

Opting for anti-ligature furniture that offers softer design features, such as rounded corners and nature inspired colors, which help to foster a more peaceful environment in any facility, can lift the atmosphere of the facility and even allow for more successful treatment and therapy.

Provide Comfort ​

Although safety and durability are at the forefront of institutional furniture design, comfort cannot be forgotten! Providing a higher level of comfort can help patients to feel at ease in what could be a new and challenging environment.

In the somewhat stressful environment of a behavioural healthcare or correctional facility it is important for residents to have a place they feel comfortable and at ease. When sourcing anti-ligature furniture, remember this can be a key way to humanize your facility and provide many benefits to patients, residents and even staff members.

Increased ROI

Durable, long-lasting pieces of anti-ligature furniture help you invest back into your facility, and allocate resources to other programs or projects that help to enhance your facility.

Designed with durability in mind, anti-ligature furniture can significantly reduce or even eliminate maintenance costs completely. Unlike traditional institutional furniture, which can break down requiring maintenance or replacement, and causing safety concerns, anti-ligature furniture.

Choosing the cheapest option upfront may mean a sacrifice in durability and quality, leading to the need for replacement later on.  Disposing of large items, such as furniture can be costly, so choosing durable furniture helps to avoids these costs.

From increased safety and comfort to decreased costs and maintenance, anti-ligature furniture can help to improve all areas of your facility, while prioritizing resident safety and well-being.

Max-Secure® has been providing industry-leading, maintenance free institutional furniture to facilities all around the world for more than four decades. Our unmatched experience has allowed up to create a full line of anti-ligature furniture, ensuring the best solution for every room in your facility.