Furnishing a Behavioral Healthcare Center for Success

Being away from home in an unknown, intense environment can leave any one of us feeling stressed or anxious, and behavioral healthcare facilities are certainly no exception! Residents of these facilities have come looking for support and healing, so creating an environment that minimizes stress and anxiety is essential.

Traditionally, behavioral health furniture mimics the look and feel of prison furniture, which can cause an already stressful environment to feel even more unsettling for residents.

The way behavioral health centers are designed and furnished can play a large role in the day-to-day mood and behaviors of residents as well as contributing to the overall atmosphere of the facility, and thus should be considered carefully.

Furnishing Behavioral Healthcare Center Key Points

Safety and Durability

Behavioral health furniture that has been manufactured as one piece is an incredibly safe option for furnishing intensive environments. As one solid piece, anti-ligature furniture is tamper-proof, removing the possibility for the concealment of contraband and other potentially dangerous items. The smooth, continuous surface of behavioral health furniture does not contain any tie-down points or sharp edges further enhancing resident and staff safety.

Anti-ligature furniture made from FRP composites can easily withstand the wear and tear of everyday use in intensive environments and is easy to clean, which is ideal for facilities with high turn-over rates.

Ensuring resident rooms and common areas of your facility are furnished with anti-ligature furniture gives staff an added peace of mind knowing the residents in their care are kept safe.

Look and Feel

The look and feel of the furniture in a behavioral healthcare facility can play a large role in the overall atmosphere of the center. Comfortable furniture helps to nurture a more stress-free and relaxed environment which is important to resident rehabilitation. Providing comfortable common areas encourages residents to interreact with each other in positive manners, which can be very beneficial to the healing and rehabilitation of residents.

Furnishing behavioral health centers with anti-ligature furniture which does not resemble the typical, rigid institutional furniture can help residents feel more at ease and contributes to creating a more humanized environment. Additionally, by providing behavioral healthcare furniture in nature inspired colors contributes to a more relaxing environment, benefit both residents and staff.

Positive Outcomes

Providing comfortable common areas promotes positive interactions between residents, which can be a vital aspect of rehabilitation. Behavioral health furniture, such as armchairs and game tables, can play central roles in these interactions.

We can all benefit from a good night’s sleep, especially those away from home, in what can sometimes be a stressful environment! A comfortable anti-ligature psychiatric bed can go a long way in providing a restful sleep and making residents feel at ease. Providing a desk and chair in resident rooms can promote reading and writing, both positive uses of down time!

Behavioral healthcare facilities can be stressful, but they don’t have to be! By looking for opportunities in design and furnishings, these facilities can transform into places for healing and rehabilitation. Max-Secure has been working with industry leaders for decades to design and manufacture anti-ligature furniture that prioritizes both safety and comfort. We provide both a full line of dinning and day room furniture, perfect for all the common areas in your facility as well as resident room furniture designed to put residents at ease. Available in a variety of nature inspired colors, Max-Secure behavioral health furniture is sure to contribute to the overall success of your facility!