How to Furnish the Resident Rooms in Your Facility

The safety of residents, staff and visitors is paramount in any facility, and in areas which typically have less supervision, resident safety becomes the number one priority.

In some cases, residents may be spending a majority of their time in their rooms, so creating an atmosphere that will keep them safe while promoting healing and rehabilitation is a fine balance.

Finding just the right furniture for the resident rooms in your facility doesn’t have to be a challenge! Here our top things to consider when choosing institutional furniture: 

Furnish Resident Rooms in your Institution

Anti-Ligature Furniture

Anti-ligature furniture is a must for every room in your facility, but especially within resident rooms! As resident rooms may have less staff supervision than common areas, the use of anti-ligature furniture cannot be overlooked.

Anti-ligature furniture eliminates the risk of harming oneself or others, as there are no tie down points. Additionally, most-anti-ligature furniture features rounded corners to help minimize any risk of resident harm.

By only choosing anti-ligature furniture for resident rooms, staff can perform their job duties around the facility at ease, knowing residents are safe!

Eliminate the Risk of Contraband

Because there tends to be less supervision in resident rooms, it becomes a popular place for residents to conceal contraband. To enhance resident safety, it is imperative to eliminate any areas where contraband could be hidden.  

This means installing singular pieces of furniture to the floor or against the wall, where they cannot be moved. The material of the furniture is also important. It must be extremely durable to ensure that it cannot be broken to hide contraband, or be used dangerously. Soft, cushioned furniture is not always the ideal choice for resident rooms easily broken.

Choose monolithic, durable pieces of furniture for your resident rooms to minimize the risk of hidden contraband, and enhance facility safety.

Durable and Long Lasting

Resident room furniture needs to stand up against the wears and tears of intensive, every day use in a challenging environment. Anti-ligature furniture manufactured from durable FRP composites is ideal as it is much stronger than traditional materials while remaining incredibly easy to clean and maintain. These materials are impact resistant and can be produced in a variety of colors to best suit your facility.

Durable institutional furniture will go a long way in promoting resident safety in your facility.

Providing Comforts

Creating a comfortable space allows residents to feel at ease during what could be a stressful time for them. We can all agree we feel better after a goodnight’s sleep so creating a resident room that supports a sense of relaxation has benefits that can be felt throughout your entire facility.

Institutional furniture with a softer look, and in nature inspired colors, can positively affect the mood of residents. Providing a sense of access to nature provides a positive distraction, which can help to reduce resident, and even staff, stress.

Max-Secure has been working with industry experts for over 40 years to create safe and innovative solutions for your institutional furniture needs. Each piece in our resident room line is completely anti-ligature and extremely durable.

Our institutional furniture is constructed using Max-Secure’s proprietary advanced polymer composition and is available in a range of nature inspired colors. Our durable institutional furniture is low maintenance and boasts a zero-fail installation record!

Set the residents in your facility up for success, and furnish their rooms with Max-Secure’s anti-ligature resident room furniture.