How to Furnish Your Facility’s Common Areas ?

Many would argue that our surroundings play a large role in our mood and actions.  The same could be stated for behavioral healthcare facilities and correctional facilities! The look and feel of an institution can be a large contributing factor to the overall mood and activities inside the facility.

Providing a sense of normalcy and humanization can promote a stress-free feeling in these sometimes-challenging environments. The design, layout and furnishings can all play a role in making residents feel at ease. Creating a space where residents can come together safely to socialize, share meals together, spend time with visitors and even watch TV can provide a number of benefits to your facility.

There are a number of factors to keep in mind when choosing the right furniture for the common areas in any facility. When these factors are taken into consideration and closely followed, the facility as a whole is sure to feel the benefits!

Furnishing the common rooms in your facility


In every aspect of institutional design, safety is the number one priority! Anti-ligature furniture is key in keeping residents, visitors and staff members safe from harm.

The common spaces in your facility present a unique safety challenge. Anti-ligature furniture can prevent harm to one’s self or others, as there are no tie down points. Additionally rounded corners on tables and chairs help to minimize harm.

Tables securely installed flush against the floor, without gaps, can prevent the concealment of contraband, and a secure installation prevents the table from being moved. The X shape of table legs can prevent the unsupervised passing of objects between residents or residents and visitors.

Where it may not be ideal to have chairs mounted to the floor, they can be ballasted to ensure the chairs cannot be easily picked up or moved around.


In some institutions the common areas may have to play multiple roles. It could be used as a visiting space or dinning space. Search for anti-ligature furniture that can best serve in a variety of roles.  

Tables with game tops can not only be used in game rooms, but could also be used in visiting areas as well as dining rooms.

Armchairs are great for lounging but could also be used in waiting areas or counseling areas. Additionally, armless chairs can be used for both dinning and day room furniture.  


The dinning and dayroom furniture in your facility is subject to intensive everyday use in challenging environments, so it is critical the anti-ligature furniture you chose is durable enough to last. Hard, durable FRP composite materials are ideal for anti-ligature furniture because they are nearly indestructible but remain easy to clean. These materials are impact resistant and have a much longer life span than traditional materials, increasing the return on investment.

Because of the intensive use and versatility of dinning and day room furniture, ease of cleaning and low maintenance is key!   


Just because your facility is tough, doesn’t mean the furniture has to be! To best provide a sense of normalcy, which promotes relaxation, comfortable furniture can be used to make residents or patients feel more at home, reducing their anxieties. Additionally, the colors of the furniture chosen can play a role in the overall atmosphere of the facility. Anti-ligature furniture in nature inspired colors can provide positive distractions while reducing stress by providing a sense of access to nature.

The common areas in your facility, and what happens there, can play a large role in the successful rehabilitation of residents. Set your facility up for success from the beginning, by furnishing your common areas with safe, comfortable anti-ligature furniture!

Max-Secure provides a versatile product line of dinning and day room furniture. With years of industry experience and close relationships with industry experts, we have been able to perfect the manufacturing and design process, resulting in comfortable and aesthetically pleasing institutional furniture which does not sacrifice an ounce of safety!

Our full line of dining and day room anti-ligature furniture is constructed using Max-Secure’s proprietary advanced polymer composition and is available in a range of nature inspired colors. Our durable institutional furniture is low maintenance and boasts a zero-fail installation record!