3 Reasons you Should Always Furnish a Behavioral Healthcare Facility with Anti-Ligature Furniture

When it comes time to furnish a behavioral healthcare facility, whether it be a new build or a newly renovated space, finding the right pieces of furniture that can serve a wide variety of patients, with differing needs and abilities can be a task unlike any other.

To take some pressure off of the decision-making process, ensure all the pieces of furniture you’re considering for you facility are anti-ligature, meaning they cannot be used to cause harm to oneself or others.

Choosing anti-ligature furniture can benefit any facility in a number of ways, but should always be installed in behavioral healthcare facilities.

Furnish Behavioral Healthcare Facility with Anti-Ligature Furniture

Prioritizing Safety

In a challenging environment, such as a behavioral healthcare facility, the furnishings can often be used dangerously, to cause harm to oneself or others. Not only does choosing anti-ligature furniture prioritize the safety of patients, visitors, and staff members, but contributes to greater success of treatments and therapies.

Well-built, durable anti-ligature furniture removes any points where ropes, cords, or even bedsheets could be tied down to cause harm. Additionally, anti-ligature furniture removes any exposed fasteners, hardware or moving parts that could be broken off and used dangerously. To ensure safety, anti-ligature furniture does not allow for the concealment of contraband, of which could pose of a safety risk.

Promoting Rehabilitation

The look and feel of traditional institutional furniture can leave patients feeling uncomfortable and stressed in a new environment, which on its own can already induce feelings of discomfort and anxiety.  Feeling stressed and uncomfortable may actually lead to slowed or even stalled progress in treatment.

As our surroundings can play a large role in how we feel and act, choosing institutional furniture that promotes a sense of safety and comfort can allow patients to feel at ease, being more open to treatment options. Not only does anti-ligature furniture keep patients safe from harm but can elevate the atmosphere of the facility to a more welcoming and comfortable environment to promote healing and well-being.

Providing Comfort

Finding just the right furnishings for a behavioral healthcare facility is a fine balance between providing a sense of at-home comfort and ensuring patient safety. Creating an atmosphere in which patients can feel comfortable and more at ease can not only positively affect their mood, lifting the atmosphere of the facility, but allow for more successful treatment and therapy.

Although designed with safety as the number one priority, the right pieces of anti-ligature furniture will not sacrifice comfort, allowing patients to feel at ease while also providing exceptional levels of safety. Rounded corners are not only a safety feature of anti-ligature furniture, but provide a softer, more comforting look than traditional institutional furniture.

Although a seemingly simple task, choosing the right furniture for a behavioral healthcare facility demands not only patient safety, but patient comfort! Choosing anti-ligature furniture from Max-Secure institutional furniture provides your behavioral healthcare facility with exceptional safety standards, without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics.

For more than 40 years Max-Secure has been working closely with industry experts to create a full line of anti-ligature furniture, providing the right pieces of institutional furniture for every room in your facility!