Featured Installation: Broughton Hospital, North Carolina

Serving nearly 40% of North Carolina’s population, the Broughton Hospital needed an expansion to better serve more patients, and their families, experiencing mental illness.

Before the 2019 reopening, at full capacity the Broughton Hospital only had enough beds for 297 patients,  and served a total of 37 counties. After extensive renovations, updates and of course the much-needed expansion, the 477,000 square foot hospital can now welcome close to 400 patients! 

Max-Secure furniture installed at Broughton hospital
Installed Max-Secure furniture at Broughton Hospital

The psychiatric facility, which was first opened in 1833, now features many modern design aspects which humanizes the institutional experience and best supports patient well-being. In addition to utilizing nature inspired colors, which help create a calming environment, Broughton Hospital features many large windows which let in plenty of natural light.

The patient centered facility provides only single or double rooms, whereas before the renovations there may have been up to six patients in one room, according to hospital officials. Providing this level of privacy helps to humanize the facility and leave patients feeling at ease.

Max-Secure’s resident room anti-ligature furniture is featured in these newly configured bedrooms. Our anti-ligature psychiatric beds were chosen in the Desert Sand color to be installed in resident rooms throughout the facility. Not only does the muted, nature inspired color promote a calming environment, the safety and stability of the bed gives patients a better chance of having a good night’s sleep, in what could be a high-stress situation for them.

These beds were chosen for the exceptional design, which puts safety on the forefront, without sacrificing comfort! Like all Max-Secure’s anti-ligature furniture, these beds eliminate the risk of harm to oneself or others.

Our Four Shelf Lockers can be found installed throughout resident rooms in the facility. These open face storage shelves, also in Desert Sand, provide patients the opportunity to store and organize their personal belongings, right in their rooms. This simple, yet meaningful, addition helps normalize the behavioral healthcare environment, making patients feel more at ease.

Max-Secure is extremely proud to have been part of such an impressive addition to North Carolina’s healthcare system, and commend the staff for their tireless work in supporting the well-being of the community!

Each piece of Max-Secure furniture is completely safe, installed with a pick-proof perimeter for an additional level safety. In our continual efforts to support the well-being of patients, our anti-ligature furniture is available in a range of nature inspired colors, to promote a sense of calm throughout your facility.