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Create a Safe, Comfortable Space for your Residents

As industry leaders, in both innovation and durability, Max-Secure continuously puts safety first, without sacrificing the comfort of prison furniture and psychiatric furniture. Our commitment to safety ensures each piece of anti-ligature furniture is designed and manufactured to exceed even the most stringent safety standards.

Build a Comfortable Living Space

With Max Secure Institutional Furniture you can furnish your resident room in a way that fosters rehabilitation and safety, even in the harshest environments.

Anti-Ligature Beds

For facilities looking to provide resident comfort, with industry leading safety, Max Secure’s anti-ligature beds are the ideal choice. Perfect to be used as a prison bed or a psychiatric bed, each of Max Secure’s beds are constructed in one piece to prevent any destruction of the hiding of contraband. Available as correctional bunk beds as well, there is an anti-ligature bed for every facility!

Anti-Ligature Restraint Beds

The use of restraints is a last resort for most facilities, and should be used with extreme care. That’s why Max Secure constructed anti-ligature restraint beds to exceed even the most stringent safety standards. With multi-points of restraint, our prison restraint bed can be used to restrain residents in a comfortable manner. When it comes to the use of restrain beds in your facility, chose the safe, humane choice. Choose Max Secure!


One of the best ways to foster a rehabilitive and comfortable environment in your facility is allowing residents some small, personal items. From books to study materials and even pictures of loved ones, give your residents a safe place to store their items, with Max Secure’s pick proof prison lockers. Available in different sizes you are sure to find the storage solution for your resident rooms with our storage lockers.

Desks and Seating

To provide your residents the opportunity to study, read or even write letters, add a durable wall mounted desk with a stool to your residents’ rooms. Installed as one piece directly to the wall, or the floor for the stool, you can be sure these pieces of prison furniture will not be used in a potentially dangerous manner. These products are the ideal solution for anyone looking to add a touch of comfort to their resident rooms.


Max Secure continuously puts safety first without sac-rificing the comfort or rehabilitative atmosphere of your institution.

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