3 Ways Anti-Ligature Furniture Fosters a Rehabilitative Atmosphere in Your Facility

The traditional institutional, look and feel of correctional and behavioural healthcare facilities can often make patients or inmates feel stressed or anxious. Combined with the stress of being in a new, and oftentimes, challenging environment a resident’s progress towards rehabilitation can be slow or even stalled.

Our surroundings can play a large role in how we feel, which effects how we act. Working to create an environment that helps residents feel more at ease not only fosters rehabilitation but has positive impacts that can be felt throughout the whole facility.

One simple way to start fostering a rehabilitative atmosphere in your facility is by choosing anti-ligature furniture for resident, dining, and day rooms in your facility.

Anti-Ligature Furniture Fosters Rehabilitative Facility

The Use of Color

Something as simple as the colors we chose to surround ourselves with can have an impact on how we feel.

By incorporating nature inspired colors in your facility, patients have a greater chance of healing and connecting to the outside world. Choosing to install anti-ligature furniture in naturalistic colors provides a positive distraction, which works to reduce environmental stress and allows patients a more comfortable environment for rehabilitation. Pops of color can provide a positive distraction, taking residents’ minds off the difficulties they are facing.

Anti-ligature furniture is just one way to insert more color into any facility.


By nature of design, anti-ligature furniture does not always resemble the look of traditional institutional furniture. With rounded corners and a monolithic design, anti-ligature furniture provides a level of comfort not typically achieved by traditional institutional furniture.Replacing harsh institutional furniture with softer looking anti-ligature furniture creates a more home-like environment, allowing residents or inmates to feel more at ease. We can all agree a goodnight’s sleep goes a long way in helping us feel better, so providing an atmosphere in which residents helps to positively affect their rehabilitation.

Prioritizing Safety

It goes without saying that resident safety is key to rehabilitation. Anti-ligature furniture eliminates the risk of harming oneself or others, while making the concealment on contraband impossible.

Anti-ligature furniture provides a safe and comfortable environment for residents and inmates to focus on self-improvement and make meaningful, positive connections with others.

The seemingly simple switch to anti-ligature furniture can have a big impact on your facility! Prioritizing patient safety and comfort and adding nature inspired colors can have noticeable, positive impacts on the moods and actions of residents or inmates, staff and visitors, creating a place that is well-suited for rehabilitation.

Max-Secure Institutional Furniture has been providing durable and comfortable anti-ligature furniture for decades. Years of industry experience combined with advanced manufacturing techniques allows us to support your goals of creating a rehabilitative environment in your facility.