3 Pieces of Anti-Ligature Furniture for the Common Areas in your Facility

The importance of anti-ligature furniture in resident rooms is well known. Even in areas where 1:1 supervision is more accessible, however, anti-ligature furniture is a must. The design and manufacturing of anti-ligature furniture makes it the safest option for the vulnerable populations housed in correctional and behavioral healthcare facilities.

Aside from removing any point where rope, cord, wires or other materials could be tied down to cause harm, and removing moving parts and exposed fasteners, the characteristics of these following institutional furniture items make them ideal for the common areas in your facility!


In comparison to the rigid look and feel of traditional institutional furniture, an anti-ligature armchair adds a higher level of comfort and normalcy to the common spaces in your facility. This sense of comfort and normalcy may help to ease resident anxiety, which aids in promoting a more calm and rehabilitative atmosphere in any facility. Additionally, this comfortable piece of anti-ligature furniture can help residents to feel more at ease during interactions with other residents and staff members.

The common areas in your facility provide a space for residents to interact, and the furnishings you chose, such as an anti-ligature armchair, should promote positive interactions between residents.

Games Table

The furnishings chosen for the common areas of your facility can have an impact on the residents, and even the interactions between residents, visitors, and staff members. Anti-ligature furniture pieces, such as a games table, can aid in making common areas feel more like residential living spaces rather than institutional spaces.

Games like chess can help promote problem solving and critical thinking, while providing a way for residents to interact with one another in a structured, positive manner. The simple installation of a games table promotes these positive behaviours and further fosters the rehabilitative atmosphere in your facility.

Extended Dining Table

Further, the dining areas in your facility should support comfortable, positive interactions between residents, and the right ligature resistant furniture can help!

An extended dining table allows for more residents to enjoy a meal together. This promotes social interactions which feel more normalized, compared to the traditional institutional feel of many correctional and behavioral healthcare facilities. Additionally, the social interactions supported by an extended dining table allows residents to feel less alone in what can be a isolating environment.

In addition to the superior safety features offered by anti-ligature furniture, the benefits of these three pieces of institutional furniture can be felt throughout any facility, but especially in elevating the common areas.

Max-Secure® provides a versatile product line of dinning and day room furniture to meet the unique safety needs of any institutional facility. With years of industry experience and close relationships with industry experts, we have been able to perfect the manufacturing and design process, resulting in comfortable and aesthetically pleasing institutional furniture which does not sacrifice an ounce of safety!

Our full line of dining and day room anti-ligature furniture is constructed using Max-Secure®’s proprietary advanced polymer composition and is available in a range of nature inspired colors.