Build a Safe Space For Residents To Gather

Safe and Comfortable Anti-Ligature Day Room Furniture

Safety is at the forefront of each and every piece of Max-Secure institutional furniture. Our monolithic anti-ligature furniture is comfortable and inviting, encouraging residents to relax and interact with each other, an important aspect of rehabilitation. 

Our commitment to safety ensures each piece of our anti-ligature dining and day room furniture is designed and manufactured to withstand everyday used in challenging environments.

Make Your Common Areas More Inviting

With Max-Secure Institutional Furniture you can transform the common areas in your facility into safe, relaxing living spaces for all residents.

Anti-Ligature Chairs

Perfect for lounges or dining rooms, Max-Secure offers both anti-ligature arm chairs and armless chairs to best suit the needs of your facility. Our prison chairs are made as one complete piece to prevent destruction and reduce the risk of hidden contraband. The wide range of available colors ensures correctional facility furniture that enhances the look and feel of even the most challenging environments.

Anti-Ligature Wall Mounted Bench

For facilities interested in fixed seating options, the Max-Secure Wall Mounted Bench provides the perfect opportunity to enhance resident comfort and safety. This versatile piece of correctional furniture can be installed in common areas or in resident rooms or cells as a completely safe and comfortable seating option. Additionally, the Wall Mounted Bench is installed directly to the wall to minimize any potential misuse.

Anti-Ligature Dining Tables

Max-Secure’s dining tables can easily be secured in place to provide an additional level of safety to residents and staff. These correctional facility furniture pieces can also be left free standing, depending on the needs of your facility. Our dining tables provide a unique opportunity for residents to enjoy meals together or spend time socializing, which is an important aspect of rehabilitation. Max-Secure’s dining tables comfortably seat up to 6 people.

Anti-Ligature Games Tables

The Max-Secure Games Tables elevate your facility’s living areas by giving residents the opportunity to safely play a variety of board games while getting to know their fellow residents. Our games tables are molded and constructed as a single piece, which helps to enhance the safety of your facility.


Max Secure continuously puts safety first without sac-rificing the comfort or rehabilitative atmosphere of your institution.

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