Max Secure security systems has been proudly providing the correctional and institutional furniture industries with our industry-leading anti-ligature furniture for over 40 years. We design our high-quality prison furniture products with correctional and psychiatric facilities in mind, and as such every product we produce is built to withstand the challenges of institutional environments. 

We take your need for anti-ligature furniture seriously, and as such everything from our prison bed to our jail chairs are designed with safety, comfort, and performance in mind. Max Secure products are also available in a wide variety of colors, all of which are designed to provide your facility with a calm and serene environment. 

Our industry-leading behavioral health furniture is the result of years of field research in institutional environments like your facility’s, coupled with extensive consultations from justice architects, maintenance staff, jail administrators, as well as other healthcare and corrections practitioners. Every one of Max Secure’s products is made for every day, intensive use, and is designed to make your facility’s spaces feel more like living areas – putting your staff and residents at ease.  

Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Norway made the substantial policy shift away from punishment-oriented penal institutions to prioritize rehabilitation and recovery years ago and have been reaping rewards from this shift ever since. This progressive move has helped their penal institutions lower reincarceration rates and may have contributed to a decrease in inmate violence. Our team carefully designed our anti-ligature furniture using this mindset, so that our products can help improve the mental and overall health of your residents. We want to help your facility take humanizing steps in fostering a positive environment, and our products are the perfect solution to help you take that step. 

Our specialized installation team has been installing Max Secure behavioral health furniture for over 40 years while maintaining a sterling zero-failure policy. We have installed over 25,000 units of correctional furniture in state or federal correctional facilities, as well as hospitals and psychiatric centers, from coast to coast for decades, leaving satisfied customers across the United States. As a world leader in providing safe and securable anti-ligature furniture, we guarantee complete client satisfaction. 

Safe and Secure Institutional Furniture

Max Secure’s design and manufacturing team uses our own unique material, our advanced proprietary Herculite polymer, to craft industry-leading institutional furniture. We designed this fantastic material to be remarkably durable, maintenance free, resistant to any scratching or carving of its surface, and to exceed stringent state and national flammability, structural, and performance regulation tests. This material is also sleek and smooth, is effective at preventing bed bug infestations, and further solidifies its reputation for safety by offering no space for concealing contraband. Overall, our Herculite polymer products will reduce your maintenance, health care, and extermination costs while providing industry-leading safety and security for your facility.  

Our installation team is incredibly adept at securing our behavioral health furniture in a safe and secure manner. Our installations leave no exposed fasteners, and the pick-proof perimeter sealant we use forms an impenetrable barrier around the installation site – ensuring the safety of your staff and residents. 

A Variety of Anti-Ligature Furniture

Max Secure offers a wide variety of detention furniture to meet your facility’s needs. This diversity of jail furniture allows you to pick and choose the products your facility needs to properly accommodate your residents. 

Our product selection features anything from our resident room furniture, our dining/day room furniture, our security wall system, or our ceiling and wall systems. 

Our resident room furniture selection features products such as our prison beds, jail lockers, restraint beds, jail chairs, and jail mattresses. These pieces of prison furniture are sure to improve your residents’ rooms and allow them to better settle into your facility and focus on their rehabilitation. 

Our dining/day room furniture is incredibly safe and comfortable and will allow your residents to spend more time in your facility’s communal areas fostering friendships. It is an important step in your residents’ rehabilitation to forge lively friendships, and Max Secure’s prison furniture will aid your facility in this worthy goal. 

Call us today at 916-919-0568 to see how we can improve your facility’s institutional furniture. Your success is our success.