5 Things You May Not Know About Max-Secure Institutional Furniture

Max-Secure has been providing institutional furniture for over 40 decades and has quickly become an industry leader. Our quality of furniture is unmatched and can be seen installed in correctional and behavioral healthcare facilities across North America.

Although a first choice for many professionals, there may be some things you don’t know about Max-Secure’s institutional furniture. To help you make the best choice when it comes to furnishing your facility, here are 5 things you may not know about our institutional furniture.

5 Things you may not know about max-secure institutional furniture


Perhaps the most important feature to consider when choosing correctional facility furniture is safety. The traditional steel construction of institutional furniture leaves sharp edges and corners which can be used to cause harm to oneself or others. Additionally, steel institutional furniture has often been known to be used in weapon fabrication within correctional or behavioral healthcare facilities.

As a top priority, safety precautions should be weaved into every aspect of your facility, including the furniture! FRP composite molded furniture eliminates sharp corners and edges, and the monolithic construction of each piece of furniture ensures it cannot be broken down and used dangerously. Further, the one-piece construction eliminates any tie-down points, producing a totally safe piece of anti-ligature furniture.

Completely Anti-Ligature

Safety is at the forefront of every piece of furniture we design and manufacture. In challenging environments such as correctional facilities and behavioral healthcare facilities, anti-ligature furniture is a must. By definition, anti-ligature furniture is designed to prevent a ligature from being restrained and prevents anyone from using the hardware to harm themselves or other by attaching any ropes, cords bed sheets or anything else that could be used to cause harm.

Max-Secure’s furniture is carefully designed to ensure there are no exposed fasteners or hardware and each piece of furniture is one smooth, continuous piece with rounded corners, eliminating any potential tie down points. Even the restraint beds offered by Max-Secure have been specially designed to ensure resident and staff safety.

Maintenance Free

In areas of high use, such as resident rooms, visiting rooms or dining rooms keeping a clean and sanitized space can be timely and often time challenging. Traditional institutional furniture, such as steel furniture, can be difficult to clean and keep well maintained. Max-Secure has addressed this issue head on, creating a full line of maintenance free institutional furniture. 

Our one-piece design and use of proprietary material makes cleaning a breeze and replacement or repairs unnecessary. When it’s time to clean, Max-Secure’s institutional furniture can easily be wiped down with a cleaning solution and a cloth. The hard surface of the furniture ensures no staining or lingering odors after a spill.

Available in Multiple Colors

Access to nature inspired colors can uplift the mindset of residents and visitors, contributing to a more positive and nurturing environment. Max-Secure institutional furniture is available in an array of colors, from Forest Green to Poseidon Blue. With Max-Secure you can create a more rehabilitative environment in your facility.

Made From Herculite Material

Undergoing intensive, everyday use in sometimes challenging environments, it is crucial the institutional furniture in your facility can withstand it all! From years of field research and close relationships with industry experts, Max-Secure has developed a proprietary polymer material, that can withstand even the harshest use.

Our Herculite material exceeds all national and state fire codes as well as impact load tests. The color has been integrally molded into the furniture, meaning it won’t fade over time, and will continue to add to your facility’s aesthetics for years to come. Additionally, this proprietary material is incredibly strong, meaning the furniture cannot be broken to use for malicious intent or to conceal contraband.

Zero-Failure Installation Record

Max-Secure offers the most comprehensive warranty in the industry! When installed by our factory-trained installers, your Max-Secure institutional furniture comes with a 10-year installation warranty, as well as a 10-year warranty on the integrity of our institutional furniture products. Our institutional furniture has been installed in facilities across North America for over 40 years, with a zero-failure record.

We are confident Max-Secure institutional furniture will give you the peace of mind knowing your facility is furnished with the very best anti-ligature furniture available.

Rely on Max-Secure’s expertise for all of your institutional furniture needs. From resident room furniture, like beds and desks, to dining room furniture, Max-Secure has everything you need to create a safer and more uplifting facility.