5 Pieces of Max-Secure Anti-Ligature Furniture Every Facility Should Have

Prioritizing the health, safety, and well-being of vulnerable populations in correctional and behavioral healthcare facilities should be seen in every aspect of the facility, including the furnishings. While choosing furniture can seem like a simple after thought, Max-Secure® knows even the smallest details can make the biggest difference. For over 40 years we have been working to provide anti-ligature furniture that not only prioritizes resident safety but contributes to an overall more rehabilitative facility. These five pieces of Max-Secure® institutional furniture provide a safe and comfortable environment that every facility should strive to foster.

1. Anti-Ligature Lower Bed

Perhaps the most important aspect of any bedroom is the bed! We can all agree on the power of a good night’s sleep, and that’s why Max-Secure®’s anti-ligature beds are designed and manufactured with comfort in mind, without sacrificing an inch of safety.

This one-piece bed, with no moving parts, eliminates any areas of tie down points which could be used to cause harm to oneself or others. What’s more, this anti-ligature bed can be securely installed to the floor, or wall, to prohibit unauthorized movement and prevent the concealment of any dangerous contraband. Lastly, the rounded corners and variety of nature inspired colors provide a softer, more welcoming look, allowing residents to feel more at ease in what could be a stressful environment.

2. Multi-Point Restraint Bed

Although unpleasant to think about, there may be times when residents need to be restrained for their safety, or the safety of staff. When that time comes, Max-Secure® wants to ensure you are well equipped to perform the safest restraint, and our Multi-Point Restraint Bed allows you to do just that.

Available in two configurations, our multi-point restraint bed gives you the freedom to safely preform patient restraints by only restraining the necessary limbs, ensuring a safe, humane restraint. Restraining the patient more than necessary may lead to further escalation of an already difficult situation, and the Max-Secure® Multi-Point Restraint Bed helps prevent any unnecessary trauma.

3. Corner/Wall Mounted Desk

Encouraging personal study or providing a place to read or write letters can make a large, positive impact on the rehabilitation of residents in correctional and behavioral healthcare facilities. To assist you in promoting self-betterment among residents, Max-Secure® offers both a corner and wall mounted desk, the perfect addition to resident rooms or even common areas.

This small piece of institutional furniture fits perfectly in the corner of resident rooms, providing a space for study, without taking up too much square footage. Both configurations pair perfectly with our anti-ligature stool, and help your facility go one step further in creating a rehabilitative environment for every resident.

4. Estilo Series Game Table

An environment like any other, behavioral healthcare and correctional facilities can leave residents feeling isolated and bored, which could potentially lead to an increase in unwanted behavior. Prisons around the world have begun introducing chess programs as a way to alleviate boredom and encourage critical thinking skills, and Max-Secure® has just the right piece of institutional furniture.

Like all our furniture pieces, the Estilo Series Games Table is completely anti-ligature. The unique tabletop allows residents to play a variety of board games, including chess. This positive use of free time can benefit residents in a variety of ways, including an increase in positive behavior and even the potential for a reduction in recidivism.

5. Estilo Series Armchair

Adding armchairs to the common areas of your facility provides an addition level of comfort and normalcy, to what could be a challenging environment, especially when compared to traditional institutional furniture pieces. Adding Max-Secure®’s armchairs to your facility helps residents feel more at ease in common spaces, potentially promoting more positive interactions between residents.

In addition to being completely anti-ligature, Max-Secure®’s Estilo Series Armchairs can be ganged together, floor mounted, or ballasted to prevent any dangerous or unauthorized movement of the chair.

Even the seemingly small details, like furniture, can make a big difference in any facility! Choosing these five pieces of Max-Secure® institutional furniture will go a long way in creating a safer, more comfortable, and rehabilitative environment.