5 Mistakes to Avoid When Furnishing Your Facility

Finding the right institutional furniture for your facility can be overwhelming! With so many factors to consider, buying the tight pieces is no easy task. Avoiding these 5 mistakes, however, can make the process of furnishing your facility practically painless.

5 Mistakes to avoid when furnishing your facility

1. Prioritizing Cost over Quality

What may seem like a cost-effective solution up front, does not always translate into cost-savings for the long-run.

Cheaper furniture options may quickly become worn down, negating safety and putting residents and staff at risk. Without consistent maintenance and even frequent replacement, lower-cost institutional furniture can quickly create a potentially dangerous environment.

Investing in trusted, durable institutional furniture can end up saving money in the long-term, without need to constantly put resources into timely and costly maintenance.

2. Disregarding Resident Comfort

Giving residents a place to comfortably socialize or encourage a good night’s sleep goes a long way in promoting a rehabilitative atmosphere.

Ease of installation and low cost can be attractive features when sourcing institutional furniture. The tough, rigid look of traditional institutional furniture, however, can leave residents feeling stressed and uncomfortable. Harsh design features and uncomfortable surfaces may end up contributing to a more tense atmosphere.

Institutional furniture doesn’t have to look and feel institutional! One-piece molded furniture, made from durable FRP composites, with rounded edges and in calming colors can be a great benefit to the overall look and feel of your facility. 

3. Buying Without a Plan

Like any purchase, an impulse buy can lead to future regret or getting a product that doesn’t fully meet the needs of your facility.

If you are looking to replace or upgrade existing furnishings, consider what features have benefited your facility and what may be lacking. Consider how often the items will be used, and in what setting. Thinking long-term will help improve cost-efficiency and ensure you get the most out of your investment.

4. Selecting the Wrong Materials

With high turnover rates and intensive everyday use, choosing the right material improves longevity and the return on your investment. 

Traditional institutional furniture made from steel is prone to rusting and can easily dent. The cost of maintaining the safety and aesthetics of steel furniture can quickly add up! Additionally, upholstered furniture can quickly become damaged or worn out. Molded furniture, made from FRP composites, however, require no maintenance and boast easy cleaning. These durable plastic materials can outlast traditional materials and have been proven to be stronger than steel.

Choosing the right material for institutional furniture not only proves to be more cost-effective but can help to enhance the safety of your facility.

5. Skimming over Safety Features

One of the most important features in correctional and behavioral healthcare facilities, safety should be the number priority for all decisions.

In areas with less staff supervision, such as resident rooms, anti-ligature furniture is a much. Not only does this furniture eliminate all tie-down points ensuring residents cannot use the furniture to cause harm to themselves or others, but anti-ligature furniture is extremely durable, ensuring it cannot be broken down to conceal contraband or be used dangerously.

In order to best serve the needs of your facility, anti-ligature furniture and other safety features must be prioritized.

When it comes to the institutional furniture in your facility, it is important to choose a reliable, long-lasting solution that meets the safety needs of both residents and staff. Avoiding these 5 mistakes ensures the institutional furniture you chose best serves your facility!

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