5 Benefits of Plastic Molded Institutional Furniture

Although rigid, steel has often been the first choice for institutional furniture. While durable, steel is not always the best choice for intensive use in challenging environments. FRP composite molded furniture, however, provides many benefits over traditional materials, and is quickly becoming the standard for anti-ligature furniture!

5 Benefits of Plastic Molded Institutional Furniture | Max-Secure Furniture

Improves Safety

Plastic molded institutional furniture improves the safety of any facility in several ways. Firstly, when molded as a single piece, plastic molded institutional furniture removes any tie down points and sharp edges, resulting in a completely anti-ligature piece of furniture. Additionally, FRP composite molded furniture cannot be broken down to use dangerously, or to conceal contraband, enhancing facility safety for residents, staff and visitors.

Prioritizing resident safety is key, in all areas of your facility, but especially in resident rooms, where there may be less staff supervision. Choosing plastic molded anti-ligature furniture puts resident safety first!

Easy to Clean

Molded as one complete piece, plastic institutional furniture is easy to clean! Without cracks or cervices for liquids or dirt to settle, plastic molded institutional furniture can easily be wiped down with soapy water in minutes. The hard plastic surface of anti-ligature furniture does not absorb liquids making spills easy to clean up.

Unlike traditional interior materials, the hard plastic surface of anti-ligature furniture does not absorb body oils and fluids, which eases the process of cleaning and, making plastic molded furniture ideal for facilities with high resident turn over rates.

Reduces Noise

Big or small, no facility is immune from the constant noise. Whether chatter between residents and staff, or even disruptive arguments, noise is unavoidable. Adding in metal furniture scraping against concrete floors and it seems like residents and staff may never have peaceful moments of quiet. This constant noise can lead residents to feel anxious and on-edge, which may cause them to act out.

Furnishing your facility with plastic molded institutional furniture can help to reduce noise. Not only will this eliminate the noise of metal clanging or scraping, but plastic furniture can help to absorb noise. Choosing plastic molded institutional furniture will help both residents and staff to feel more at ease.

Increased Durability

Compression molded composite materials are much stronger than the traditional material counterparts, making them the ideal choice for every day, intensive use. The increased durability of plastic molded institutional furniture means your facility will be spending less on timely, and costly, repairs and replacements, putting money back into other areas of the facility.

Increased durability in anti-ligature furniture will further enhance the safety in your facility, even under challenging, intensive use.

Providing Comfort

Compared to traditional steel institutional furniture, the look and feel of plastic molded prison furniture provides a softer, more welcoming appearance. In a new, and often times stressful, environment providing small comforts can go a long way in making residents feel at ease.

Where the rigid look and feel of traditional institutional furniture may leave residents feeling anxious and isolated, plastic molded furniture provides the opportunity to create a softer look and feel. While traditional steel institutional furniture is limited in shapes and colors, molded furniture provides the opportunity to create a more normalized environment, which can positively affect the mood and behaviors of residents.

Choosing furniture for your facility can seem simple! But the choice in materials can make a big difference, in nearly every aspect of your facility. Make the best choice for your facility and choose plastic molded anti-ligature furniture.

Max-Secure institutional furniture has been providing correctional and behavioral healthcare facilities with durable, molded institutional furniture for decades. Our carefully designed and expertly manufactured anti-ligature furniture puts resident safety first, without sacrificing comfort.

From restraint beds to games tables, Max-Secure offers everything you need to furnish your facility safely, and foster a positive environment.