The 5 Immediate Benefits of Installing Anti-Ligature Furniture

Behavioral healthcare and correctional facilities alike can benefit from both the immediate and long-term benefits of choosing anti-ligature furniture. These high-stress, challenging environments demand furnishings that are comfortable, durable and above all, safe. Residents and staff alike are sure to benefit from the use of Max-Secure’s anti-ligature furniture!

Some of the immediate benefits of installing anti-ligature furniture in your institution include:

Benefits of installing Anti-Ligature Furniture

Prevention of Harm

By nature of design, anti-ligature furniture prevents the harm of oneself or others. Without any points where rope, wires or anything else can be tied down removes the means to cause harm. Often, in institution like correctional or behavioral health care facilities, residents use their environment with the intent to cause harm. Choosing to furnish your facility with anti-ligature furniture can help to greatly reduce the cases of harm and self-harm in your facility.

Reduction of Dangerous Contraband

Anti-ligature furniture is constructed of one, continuous piece of material and eliminates the need for any moving parts. This monolithic design makes the concealment of contraband nearly impossible. Additionally, all Max-Secure institutional furniture is installed with a pick-proof sealant around the entire perimeter. This sealant is important because it makes the concealment of dangerous contraband in possibly, in turn leaving your facility safer for staff, residents and visitors.

Increased Durability

Max-Secure’s institutional furniture has been carefully designed and manufactured to withstand the intensive, daily use that comes with being installed in challenging environments, like prisons and behavioral healthcare facilities. Our anti-ligature furniture has been tested extensively to prevent breakage, which decreases the need for replacement and prevents the furniture from being used inappropriately. Additionally, increased durability makes Max-Secure’s anti-ligature furniture the more cost-effective choice.

Sense of Calm

Max-Secure anti-ligature furniture has been designed to ensure the highest levels of safety, without sacrificing comfort. We can all agree we feel our best after a good night’s sleep and providing a level of comfort helps residents to feel more at ease, promoting a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere within the facility. Moving away from furniture that has that institutional look, and choosing furniture pieces in nature inspired colors can help residents feel more at ease, in an already stressful environment.

Peace of Mind

A well-built piece of anti-ligature furniture should bring you greater piece of mind, knowing residents in your facility are kept safe and comfortable. Max-Secure’s institutional furniture aims to take one more worry off your to-do list, allowing you to focus on tasks. Staff will surely benefit from a greater piece of mind, knowing they will be safe preforming their job tasks.

For over 40 years Max-Secure has been working with industry experts to design anti-ligature furniture with the specific and unique needs of correctional and psychiatric facilities in mind. From resident room furniture, such as beds, desks and even shelving, to dinning and dayroom furniture, our commitment to safety shines. Our extensive product range ensures there is a high-quality piece of anti-ligature furniture for every need. Start reaping the benefits of Max-Secure’s anti-ligature furniture now!