3 Pieces of Anti-Ligature Furniture that Make for A Safer Facility

In any high-demand, challenging environment, such as correctional and behavioral healthcare facilities, anti-ligature furniture is a must! Without any tie down points or exposed fasteners, anti-ligature furniture helps to reduce the risk of residents causing harm to themselves or others.

Choosing to install anti-ligature furniture can help to create a safer facility, and the benefits of installing these three pieces of institutional furniture can be felt throughout the whole facility.

Anti Ligature Furniture Make a Safer Facility

Anti-Ligature Restraint Bed

Although unpleasant, the use of patient restraints may occasionally be necessary to ensure the safety of not only the patient, but staff members as well. Patient restraints should not be used as the first point of de-escalation and should always be done by a healthcare professional.

When sourcing an anti-ligature restraint bed, choosing an option with multiple restrain points is crucial, as it allows healthcare workers to use only the necessary restraint points, allowing for a safe restraint.

Using an anti-ligature restraint bed ensures it was built to put patient safety first by using restraint points that are not easily accessible or can only be accessed by healthcare professionals.

Anti-Ligature Storage Shelves

Providing residents with a space to store their belongings and personal effects helps to create a sense of normalcy and can contribute to a more humanized and calming environment, in what may already be a new, and stressful environment.

Furnishing a resident room, however, presents a unique challenge, as these areas of a behavioral healthcare or correctional facility may tend to have less staff supervision so the importance of safety precautions cannot be understated.

An open shelf storage, securely mounted to the wall, with rounded corners and a sloped top is ideal solution for creating a more comfortable and welcoming resident room, without sacrificing safety.

This piece of anti-ligature furniture has no moving parts or tie down points making it an incredibly safe option to provide added comfort in any resident room. Additionally, an open shelf is easy to inspect and clean and removes the possibility for concealing contraband.

Anti-Ligature Chairs

As an important part of fostering a rehabilitative atmosphere in your facility, providing comfortable chairs in dinning and day rooms help to promote positive interactions between residents, staff members and visitors.

Anti-ligature chairs provide comfort for both residents and visitors alike, without sacrificing an ounce of safety. Ganging chairs together, mounting to the floor or wall or even ballasting the chairs prevents these pieces of anti-ligature furniture from being picked up, thrown or moved in any dangerous or unauthorized way.

Additionally, anti-ligature chairs make for a safer facility because they have rounded corners and their seamless, one-piece construction means it cannot be broken down and used dangerously.

The installation of anti-ligature furniture not only makes your facility safer, but gives residents an added level of comfort, while giving staff members peace of mind!

Max-Secure has been working with industry experts for more than 40 years to provide institutional furniture that is extremely durable, comfortable, and totally safe for correctional and behavioral healthcare facilities around the world. Our complete line of anti-ligature furniture ensures you can find safe, comfortable furnishings for every room in your facility!