3 Must Have Features for Correctional Facility Furniture

The design of correctional facility furniture and psychiatric furniture is extremely basic. There are many reasons for this, but mainly it is to ensure the safety of residents and staff. Although detention furniture has a simple appearance, it fulfills an important role.

Research and development teams around the world have been working to solve issues related to institutional and correctional facility furniture for many years. These furniture items must be durable enough to withstand constant use in challenging environments, comfortable enough to foster a rehabilitative environment, and of course must be designed with safety as the number one priority.

Must have features for your correctional facility

Here are the top three features every piece of correctional facility furniture should have:

1. Anti-Ligature Furniture

Anti-ligature and other types of institutional furniture are made for specific purposes, and sometimes facilities don’t think beyond that. The effect of the absence of color in patient’s lives is often not taken into consideration. Research indicates color helps in the healing process for those with behavioral healthcare conditions. The colors in behavioral healthcare facilities or correctional institutions can help patients struggling with issues such as depression. Therefore, the color of psychiatric furniture, correctional facility furniture, and other institutional furniture should be taken into consideration.

Of course, some patients can be overstimulated by color, which is something that should be avoided when choosing the hues of behavioral healthcare furniture. Consequently, short term spaces have more allowance for bright and stimulating colors, while areas used most often, such as bedrooms, should still maintain less bright, and more cool color tones. Colors in these facilities should mirror the colors found in nature in order to help patients’ transition with ease when re-entering society.

2. Monolithic Construction

The concealment of contraband can lead to injury, either to oneself or other residents or staff members. Commonly, furniture such a chairs, tables and beds are used to hide contraband items. Monolithic furniture has no openings or hiding places where any item could be concealed.     

The installation of this furniture is also key to reducing the concealment of contraband. A pick-proof sealant can be used to form a complete barrier around the perimeter of the furniture, eliminating any cracks or small areas where contraband could potentially be concealed.

3. Maintenance Free

Correctional facility furniture is subjected to heavy use, in a sometimes-challenging environment. Anti-ligature furniture that is highly durable, and easy to maintain is a must for these institutions. Low maintenance, or maintenance free furniture, eliminates the need to send extra workers into high security areas to perform regular maintenance. Ensuring little interruption to a resident’s daily life and the safety of staff members, while reducing the maintenance costs for facility budgets.

The monolithic construction of institutional furniture also makes it easy for staff to clean on a regular basis, as it is just one solid piece of furniture and the surface is incredibly easy to wipe down.

Overall, there are many different factors when it comes to the institutional furniture industry and the very specific requirements needed to ensure the safety and health of patients, inmates, and staff.

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