One Piece High Quality Furniture
All of our furniture is secured, made of high-quality materials.
Secured High Quality Prison Furniture
Max-Secure has been providing safe, secure, and attractive furniture for correctional facilities for more than 30 years.
Secured Wall Systems
Continuous and effective security around walls and flat roofs.

Dependable Institutional Furniture Solutions

For decades, Max-Secure Institutional Furniture has been providing tough, reliable institutional furniture and maximum security products that will enhance the safety of your institution while fostering a comfortable, positive atmosphere. Our specially designed prison furniture is the result of years of field research in environments just like yours, coupled with consultation from justice architects, jail administrators, maintenance staff as well as corrections and healthcare practitioners.

From our jail tables to our plastic prison chairs, you can rest assured knowing rigorous research, development and testing goes into every piece of Max-Secure prison furniture and our maximum security products. We are an industry-leading institutional furniture supplier for good reason.

As leaders in safety innovation, our institutional furniture is rigorously tested to ensure top-performance in even the most challenging environments. Resident friendly and completely tamper-proof, Max-Secure’s full line of correctional facility furniture is specially designed and expertly manufactured for use in a variety of institutions. Featuring products such as jail tables and jail bunks, products from our full range of anti-ligature furniture have been installed in prisons, juvenile detention centers, psychiatric hospitals, and many other demanding environments.

Max-Secure continuously puts safety first without sacrificing the comfort or rehabilitative atmosphere of your institution. Our commitment to safety ensures each of our anti-ligature furniture pieces meet and exceed even the most stringent safety standards. Additionally, each piece of institutional furniture offered by Max-Secure is non-flammable.

A Variety of Anti-Ligature Furniture

Our complete line of correctional facility furniture provides the right products to create a safe environment for residents and staff, while maintaining the comfort and atmosphere of your institution. Max-Secure has been a leading institutional furniture manufacturer for decades now, and we use every drop of that experience to help fulfill our clients’ needs.

Resident Room furniture

The variety of institutional furniture pieces in our Resident Room collection allows you to find the pieces you need to create any style of room you would like. As the industry-leader in behavioral health furniture, you will always be able to find the exact anti-ligature furniture your facility needs.

Max-Secure’s Resident Room furniture features our first in class in safety psychiatric restraint beds. Available in multi-point restraint or 8-point restraint, our ligature restraint beds are freestanding allowing for ease of use, and have been designed with resident safety and comfort as our top priority.

Dinning/Day Room Furniture

Max-Secure games tables, arm chairs and dining tables have been expertly engineered and manufactured to provide the durability and pick-proof qualities your institution needs. The design of our institutional furniture provides a softer, welcoming atmosphere which provides more normality for residents.

For example, Max-Secure’s jail tables are perfect additions for facilities looking to provide their residents’ dining rooms with industry-leading comfort and safety. Constructed out of our proprietary advanced polymer composition, Max-Secure jail tables and all our Dining/Day Room products are engineered to be maintenance free, impact resistant, and toxic fume free.

Our games tables promote a more social environment, which could add to the success of rehabilitation – an important goal we aim to achieve with every one of our correctional facility furniture products.

Security Wall System

In addition to expertly designed anti-ligature furniture and maximum security products, Max-Secures provides your institution an additional level of security with custom security wall systems. Softening the boundary or border of your institution, our security wall systems are 100% effective, while proving to be 100% safe and humane.

Max-Secure security wall systems are some of the finest maximum security products available, and provide a great alternative to other jail products that provide a more grim and foreboding atmosphere.

Ceiling and Wall Systems

The one piece composed system not only keeps your institution looking clean and tidy, but also makes any manipulation or tampering impossible. Our ceiling and wall systems are versatile enough to fit into any space, ensuring no space can be used for contraband. Additionally, this maximum security product can easily be painted over to match your institution’s design needs.

As one of America’s leading institutional furniture manufacturers, you can trust us to keep your facilities safe and secure.

Maintenance Free Justice Furniture

Backed by an unprecedented 10-year warranty, Max Secure’s anti-ligature furniture is built to last without the need for constant maintenance. Each of our institutional furniture products have been constructed from our proprietary structural polymer composite, which has been specially formulated to be maintenance free, and not produce any toxic fumes. Max-Secure anti-ligature furniture products have a durable, satin finish for quick and easy cleaning.

When installed by our team of expert installers, your Max-Secure institutional furniture comes with a 10-year installation warranty. Installed all over North America, Max-Secure prison furniture boasts a no-fail record of over 30 years. We have been a leading institutional furniture supplier for decades and we always use our full array of experience and know-how when working with our valued clients.

Anti-Ligature Furniture Performance Testing

Constructed with Max Secure’s advanced proprietary Herculite polymer, our furniture exceeds all national and state impact load tests. Max Secure’s justice furniture meets the following load impact tests:

Flammability Compliance

All Max Secure products are non-flammable, and do not release any toxins, furthering the safety of your institution. Our anti-ligature furniture products meet the following flammability code compliances:

Customer Support

Max-Secure boasts one of the best customer support programs in the industry. Our dedicated staff can expertly guide you in choosing the institutional furniture that is right for your Correctional Center, Behavioral Institution, Psychiatric & Juvenile Facility .

Further, our team of factory trained, professional installers will complete the installation of your Max-Secure anti-ligature furniture pieces perfectly. Some institutional furniture manufacturers aren’t very helpful throughout the installation process, but we’re there to help your facility from start to finish.

Contact our sales team today to enhance the safety and compliment the design of your institution.