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The Max-Secure restraint bed is part of a complete line of institutional furniture that is both visually appealing and maintenance-free. Max-Secure has 30 years of engineering expertise to create solutions or products to suit your needs.Max-Secure Restraint Bed

The Max-Secure restraint bed uses our proprietary Herculite composite system to create a tough yet smooth design that provides for a high level of safety and cleanliness. The contoured corners in our one-piece design require no exposed fasteners. The Max-Secure restraint bed takes our standard free standing bed and adds eight restraint points. This design minimizes the discomfort of the resident while increasing the security of staff.

Max-Secure resident furniture, including the Max-Secure restraint bed, provides designers with a modular design for functionality to best suit the needs of your facility. Max-Secure furnishings do not require additional reinforcement for walls or floors.

The durable satin finish one-piece monolithic design of our Max-Secure furniture virtually eliminates maintenance costs, leading to a lower life cycle cost compared to other institutional furniture. The design also reduces the risk of the resident using the furniture to harm themselves. This is an important issue in juvenile facilities, where self-inflicted injury is among the biggest safety risks amongst detainees.

The Max-Secure restraint bed is backed by our unparalleled 10-year warranty and the experience that comes with more than 20,000 components installed. Our Max-Secure products have a “no failure” record when installed by our installation team.

Contact us today to learn more about the Max-Secure restraint bed and the complete line of Max-Secure products.

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