Max-Secure’s research and development team has decades of experience solving issues specific to the corrections and institutional furniture industries. We have leveraged this experience to design a nightstand that is safe, secure, durable and styled to meet current furniture trends.

For 40 years, Max-Secure furniture has been installed in correctional facilities across North America with a “zero failure” record when installed by our specialized team. Constructed with Max-Secure’s advanced polymer composition, our nightstand exceeds all national and state fire codes and impact load tests. The rotationally molded process used in manufacturing the nightstand inherently creates a strong, durable and stable base. The rounded corners ensure safety and reduce the possibility of injury. The nightstand is available in a variety of contemporary colors to compliment your facility’s decor.

Available Colors

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• Five-year limited replacement warranty • Maintenance-free monolithic construction • Designed to prevent injury to self or others • Meets all national and state fire codes • Advanced Polymer composition will not produce toxic fumes • No exposed fasteners • No space for concealment • Installed with a secure structural mounting system with optional perimeter pick-proof sealant


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