Wall Mounted Bench

Max-Secure’s Wall Mounted Bench is another expertly engineered piece of jail furniture that provides comfortable seating.

Available in a wide variety of colors, this bench can create a unique and open living space. This product is easily installed to the wall, in order to prevent any tampering from residents. Additionally, the product’s round edges ensure no resident can use the product to harm themselves or others.

This bench can save a significant amount of space to either a living area or a dining area. Made of our Herculite material, the bench is scratch and carves proof.

Max-secure Bench installed in Prison Cell

Features & Specifications

Model:  EN 6000–13

All Endura series products are constructed from our proprietary structural polymer composite. This proven material has been formulated to be maintenance-free, impact resistant, and will not produce toxic fumes.

  • Unprecedented 10-year warranty
  • Maintenance-free one-piece construction
  • Designed to prevent injury to self or others
  • Meets all national and state fire codes
  • Herculite Polymer Composite will not produce toxic fumes
  • Pick-proof perimeter sealant forms an impenetrable barrier
  • Resists scratching or carving of surface
  • No exposed fasteners
  • No space for concealment
  • Stable and comfortable
  • Factory-trained installers provide 10-year installation warranty
  • Made in USA
  • 45 Lbs per 4 Ft Section

Available Colors

Desert Sand
Steel Blue

Product Dimensions

Wall Mounted Bench Dimensions (EN 6000–13)

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