Max-Secure not only prides itself on the great quality of its product and amazing sales around the country, but Max-Secure also prides itself on the excellent standard to which we hold our furniture items. When working with furniture needing to fit somewhere like a correctional facility or federal prison, one of the biggest concerns amongst buyers is ligature. We guarantee that Max-Secure for years has ensured products that are completely anti-ligature.

For those who might not be familiar with the terminology, ligature is the process where gaps or spots may exist in furniture or bedding items where things can be placed, stored, tampered, or meddled with. Allowing spots like this can be dangerous for residents at the facility as they can harm themselves or others. Items that allow ligature can also be used to store contraband.

anti-ligature nightstand and bed

Max-Secure assures that all of our products are anti-ligature as the composite systems we use make it impossible to be tampered with. For example, the restraining bed we offer which can be seen on the Max-Secure website comes with eight restraining points and the anti-ligature features. This means not only is the bed safe for the resident, but it makes it safe for the staff member interacting with the individual as well.

All of our products can also be secured to the ground or wall with ease. This is extremely important because we can make sure that all of the items customers purchase from our company can not be used as weapons to harm themselves or others.

There are many companies out there that offer furniture for facilities with important requirements of anti ligature but many of them you find once they have received this products are tampered with one way or another from inmates or patients. Max-Secure having sold over 25,000 units coast to coast have received excellent reviews from staff members on the security and assurance of our products.

When it comes to Max-Secure, the products live up to their name. Your residents will be safe as well as staff members when working with these wonderful units. If you want to know more about our products and their excellent quality, feel free to visit our website where you can contact us directly.